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Decade-long general planning scheme for Cuu Long river basin approved

03/08/2023 07:59 - Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha has signed a decision to approve the general planning scheme of the Cuu Long (Mekong) river basin for the 2021-2030 period with a vision to 2050.


Campaign to clean up Mekong river

06/05/2019 16:48 - On the occasion of the World Environment Day, this morning the Environmental Management Department launched a campaign to clean up the part of Mekong river running through Vinh Long Province.


Water resource management and sustainable development discussed

10/27/2017 09:27 - When implementing projects on the main branch of the Mekong River each country should have their own assessment of how the river might be affected.

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Final sections of Cao Lanh bridge joined

09/02/2017 10:20 - The final segments of Cao Lanh Bridge in the Mekong Delta province of Dong Thap were joined at a ceremony on Friday.

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Upstream hydropower reservoirs provide water in Mekong Delta Region

03/20/2016 13:27 - Salt water has intruded some 70 kilometers into the mainland across provinces in the Mekong Delta region.

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Mekong River Commission summit calls for water efficiency

03/18/2016 06:59 - The 43rd meeting of the Mekong River Commission was organised in in Can Tho from 15th to 17th March, with the participation of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand.


China releases water to ease drought in Mekong Delta

03/17/2016 14:00 - China said it has discharged water from a dam on the upper Mekong River that will ease drought conditions in several Vietnamese locations, one day after Vietnam requested the move.

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Mekong needs stronger int’l co-operation

03/17/2016 08:00 - Vietnam has worked closely with countries in the Mekong region in order to preserve and protect the river, especially in the context of the recent El Nino-inspired drought and other fluctuations.

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8 Mekong Delta provinces announce salinity intrusion emergency

03/11/2016 08:00 - The Mekong Delta province of Tra Vinh has recently declared a natural disaster situation at level-1 risk in the locality because of serious salinity intrusion.

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Vietnam Artistic Photo Exhibition launched

01/22/2016 14:00 - The 2016 Vietnam Artistic Photo Exhibition was launched on January 22, calling on participation from photography lovers across the country.


Mekong Sub Region to strengthen agricultural value chain

12/14/2015 07:28 - The Mekong Sub Region’s agricultural sector employs up to 70% of the local population but contributes around 30% of GDP. The main reason is the lack of links between farmers and markets.

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Mekong Delta - Japan agricultural co-operation potential

12/11/2015 15:01 - A Vietnam Business Agricultural Mission meeting on co-operation between manufacturers from Japan and Mekong Delta took place on Thursday in southern city of Cần Thơ.

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Promoting electronic customs clearance systems in Mekong Delta

11/23/2015 08:33 - In the context of international integration, speeding up administrative reforms and shortening the time required for customs procedures will facilitate business and investment for enterprises.

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Can Tho river signs to reduce speeds, erosion

08/19/2015 12:11 - Can Tho authorities plan to install speed limit signs on the Hau River to prevent barges from travelling too fast, causing serious erosion and damaging property in the city's An Binh ward.

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