In addition to the live match broadcast, VTV will also carry round-up and support programs  on VTV6, VTV3, VTV2 channels. VTV is expected to share the rights to other national broadcasters whenever being requested.

As of June 10th, Vietnam Television has signed deals with Viettel, FPT, VNPT to carry all the live match broadcast and round-up programs of 2018 FIFA WORLD CUP   on  IPTV, OTT and mobile services these telecom operators. They are allowed to use photos and moving pictures of the match to produce their own round-up programs to be broadcast on IPTV, OTT and mobile.

Vietnam Television has also shared the broadcasting rights to Ho Chi Minh city Television HTV so that the matches will be aired live on channels HTV9, HTV7 and HTV Sports.

By sharing the media rights to other platform operators, for the first time the World Cup matches will be available not only on TV but also over the Internet and mobile devices.

Vietnam Television will continue to handle the requests of all media units, radio stations, television stations, press agencies on right sharing, using photo and moving pictures as well as awarding live match broadcasting rights. 

The period for receiving requests will expire before 5:00pm on June 12. 

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