Central provinces assess Formosa environmental damage

by P.V02 July 2016 Last updated at 08:07 AM

VTV.vn -Local authorities are beginning to finally assess the damage and future recovery of the environment after the Formosa Corporation promised to pay US$500 million in compensation following its admittance of culpability for the mass fish deaths.

This is the fishing boat of Hoàng Thịnh’s family. In recent months, his off-shore fishing has proved fruitless. The waters seem dead. Many fishermen in the region have faced the same situation.

There has been relief after Formosa was publically named as the cause of the recent mass fish deaths off the coast of four central provinces. The local authorities and people in Quảng Bình Province are finally relieved that there may be some solutions.

"The directions from the government helped local people feel assured. Because local people in Quang Binh Province have been very worried after the disaster", said Nguyen Huu Hoai - Chairman of Quang Binh People’s Committee.

After hearing about the compensation, many fishermen in Ha Tinh also harbour hopes that their livelihoods will be restored.

"We don’t know what can happen in this situation as we have faced so many difficulties. I hope that we will see our lives return to how they were before through the US$500 million compensation payments", said Nguyen Hoai Nam - a fisherman in Ky Loi Commune, Ky Anh Town, Ha Tinh Province.

On the same day, Ha Tinh Province announced it would carry out an environmental and economic impact assessment. The committee will look at how the environment will recover from the disaster and how the local economy, including the fishing fleets can return to work.

"This task needs to be done as quickly as possible to support local fishermen. We have an urgent responsibility to address this problem. Secondly, we need to implement the policies that already exist, such as Policy 1438", said Le Dinh Son - Secretary of Ha Tinh Provincial Party Committee.

The effects of the environmental disaster can’t be solved immediately and the compensation can only help fishermen in the short term. Therefore, the government needs to find a long term plan to help the environment in the polluted regions.

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