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Efforts to assist people affected by Formosa incident pay off

05/18/2018 09:28

VTV.vn - A conference was held yesterday to summarize the measures taken to stabilize the lives and businesses of those who were affected by the marine environment incident 2 years ago.

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Formosa monitoring council meets

05/10/2017 15:52

VTV.vn - Two field inspections at Formosa were conducted by the Ministry of natural resources and environment in April.

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Formosa environmental inspection

04/28/2017 09:28

VTV.vn - Following the inspection of Formosa in April, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, led by Minister Tran Hong Ha, have continued to hold meetings with Hung Nghiep Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Company.

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Formosa addresses violations

04/06/2017 12:00

VTV.vn - The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and Ha Tinh Province have established monitoring teams and two inspection stations at Formosa Plastics Corp's steel mill which have conducted monthly inspections and will operate for 3 years.


Formosa inspected a year after mass fish deaths

04/04/2017 11:20

VTV.vn - Scientists and officials from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment began inspections at Formosa Ha Tinh yesterday to assess their work on resolving leftover issues related to the environmental incident last year.


Compensation for fishermen

04/04/2017 10:10

VTV.vn - Compensation payments continue a year after the devastating Formosa environmental pollution incident.

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Formosa inspections continue

08/24/2016 16:15

VTV.vn - Now, it has been a month since the inspection team to audit Formosa’s commitment to deal with the environmental incident was formed.


Ha Tinh reviews responsibility in Formosa Disaster

08/18/2016 21:47

VTV.vn - he mass fish deaths in four central provinces caused by Formosa Ha Tinh over 4 months ago was the biggest environmental disaster in the history of Vietnam.


Formosa’s waste in Ha Tinh removed

07/24/2016 14:25

VTV.vn - While all the waste that Formosa Ha Tinh illegally buried at a farm in Ky Anh town has been removed, the firm has been found dumping waste at another landfill in the same town in Ky Trinh.

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Ha Tinh Deputy Chairman speaks on Formosa waste pipeline

07/18/2016 11:20

VTV.vn - Mr. Duong Tat Thang - Deputy Chairman of Ha Tinh Provincial People’s Committee - spoke about Formosa's 100 tonnes of waste mud found on the farm of Ky Anh Urban Environment Company’s Director.

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Formosa suspected of dumping polluted waste

07/13/2016 16:36

VTV.vn - Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung has asked for prompt inspection of the dumping of waste by the Hung Hiep Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Limited Company.


National Assembly urges stricter measures following Formosa incident

07/12/2016 08:02

VTV.vn - The standing Committee of the National Assembly requested the government to clarify the remedial measures that will be taken following the Formosa environmental disasaster in Vung Ang Industrial Zone.

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Central provinces assess Formosa environmental damage

07/02/2016 08:07

VTV.vn -Local authorities are beginning to finally assess the damage and future recovery of the environment after the Formosa Corporation promised to pay US$500 million in compensation following its admittance of culpability for the mass fish deaths.

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Cause of mass fish death officially announced

07/01/2016 11:21

VTV.vn - The government has finally announced the cause of the recent mass fish death in four central provinces.

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