Vietnamese Community Festival in Daejeon city

by VOV29 June 2016 Last updated at 11:08 AM

VTV.vn - Under auspices of the Vietnam Embassy in the Republic of Korea, the 3rd Vietnamese Community Festival was held on June 25th and 26th to create the sphere for Vietnamese people in the Daejeon city to enjoy and experience the culture exchange.

Through the festival the Vietnamese culture was introduced to Korean people. In the other hand, learning about the Vietnam culture is not only to diminish the discrimination against the Vietnamese but also to develop a happy community.

Festival program included special content such as the Vietnamese culture discover contest for multicultural families, art performance contest with very attractive prizes, games and outdoor exercises.

Especially, the traditional delicious food was prepared by Vietnamese in Daejeon City throughout the festival. It will bring a dynamic day for everyone who come to the festival.

Moreover, the highlight of the cultural festival was the exhibition of the Paracel and Spratly islands of Vietnam before and after the illegal construction, and renovation of China.

The exhibition aims to show the most truthful perspective to the Vietnamese community and the Korean people in Daejeon City about the East Sea current situation, to indicate the serious violation to the sovereignty of Vietnam in order to raise awareness of maritime issues, and hence actively contribute to the protection of Vietnam’s sovereignty.

In addition, this event is the combination of the 3rd   Vietnamese Community Festival and the 8th ICfood cup. Both are the prestigious annual events and will be held in Chungnam National University.

Thus, the attendance of this year event is estimated over 1200 people. While the annual ICfood football championship is the ideal destination for students from all over the Republic of Korea to gather; the cultural festival is a meaningful sphere for the Vietnam community in Daejeon city.

The event gave an opportunity to experience the beauty of Vietnam culture. Above all, the biggest aim of both events is to lessen the homesick of the Vietnamese who is far away from home, and to promote the sport- loving, dynamic image of Vietnamese; to promote the unique of Vietnamese cuisine, the kindness and tenderness of Vietnamese women and the diversity of the Vietnam culture.






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