"Pride of Melody - Not only is it a new challenge in our career, but it also inspires us"

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VTV.vn - Journalist Đặng Diễm Quỳnh is one of the Giai Điệu Tự Hào (Pride of Melody) show’s producers. She speaks on the new version of the show.

After a long break, television music show titled Giai Điệu Tự Hào (Pride of Melody) has made an impressive return with its new version.

The 2016 Giai Điệu Tự Hào is produced by Việt Nam Television and is based on the format of a Russian programme titled National Treasures.

Journalist Đặng Diễm Quỳnh is one of the show’s producers. She speaks on the new version of the show.

What’s your personal feeling on being part of the music show 2016 Giai Điệu Tự Hào’s production?

Our team is eager to do this project. Not only is it a new challenge in our career, but it also inspires us. The music show is produced according to the original Russian show, which aims to revive famous songs with a view to making them popular among young audience.

It is a very artistic show with a meaningful message. It is a difficult task but it stimulates us to do more.

The show was earlier aired in 2014 and 2015. In your opinion, what has the show gained?

During the two years 2014-15, the show gained two important things. The first was to reintroduce famous songs and remix them. Famous old songs were remixed to make them relevant to modern life.

Patriotic old songs about revolutionary struggles and defence war, which used to be broadcast on radio or television, are now being performed on stage for a large number of television viewers throughout the nation. This is all thanks to a team comprising the music director, the director of photography, musicians and singers.

The second is that the show helped audiences of different generations have a better vision of the old songs.

What can you and your team do to make the show more interesting?

From the angle of journalists and the television profession, we want to inspire the audience more.

We will tell the stories behind the songs and include talks with the audience. We want to give more information about the songs, emphasising their value. I think each song stays in the memory of the audience throughout their lives. As a result, the show not only respects old songs, but also wants the audience to relive the emotions.

Do producers face difficulty while selecting the songs?

Before beginning the project we knew it would be a long and difficult journey. We have to explore and select stories of song writers and listeners from the same period.

It is a lot of hard work.

During the last two years, the show’s producers highlighted many topics and famous songs as well. We need to produce the new version of the show in a manner that makes it distinctive. The show will be produced with two themes -- musician in groups and songs with similar content.

We focus on musicians in groups with a view to giving a panorama of a generation of musicians and the flow of Vietnamese music in each period to the show’s viewers.

We will respect the romance and history of the songs. Music will help us dispel difficulties, fierceness and misery and think about good things.

The show has won audiences’ hearts during last two years thanks to the music director and the director of photography. Could you tell us about the two roles with respect to the new version?

Established musician Thanh Phương agreed to take charge as music director for the new version. It is lucky for us because his thought matched ours, which is that music style in the new version of Melody of Pride will be romantic and generous. We have the same desire -- to make songs that are professional and more beautiful.

Musician Phương spends all his time orchestrating the songs. I think his creativity will lead to more enjoyment for the listeners.

We invited emerging artist Cao Trung Hiếu to become director of photography. He has interesting views about images and music. We want the stage to be set up on simple but impressive lines. Minimising the props on stage will be a challenge for Hiếu.

Could you tell more about the first show of 2016 Melody of Pride?

The first show called Khởi Hành (Departure) is based on two late musicians of Vietnamese music Văn Cao and Phạm Duy.

Both of them began their careers at the same time as members of the patriotic movement against colonialism.

They followed the same path for a while before turning different ways. But their works were always imbued with the sound and sight of their motherland and the soul of its people. I personally like the show very much.


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