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Vietnam to suspend labour export until end of April

04/05/2020 12:54

VTV.vn - The Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MoLISA) on April 5 asked the Overseas Labour Management Department to order businesses to suspend sending workers abroad until the end of April.

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Vietnam’s labour exports eye the European market in 2020

02/02/2020 17:45

VTV.vn- In addition to focusing on maintaining traditional markets, the Department of Overseas Labour Administration under the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA) is promoting the development of some new labour markets in Europe.

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Stopping child labour is priority

06/12/2019 10:43

VTV.vn - Today, June 12th, is the world day against child labor. This year’s theme is “Children shouldn’t work in fields, but on dreams".

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Revised Labour Code needs to promote rights of female labourers

10/17/2019 14:47

VTV.vn - The revised Labour Code is expected to be submitted to the National Assembly for approval this month. However, major changes to the law are still under discussion in an attempt to ensure gender equality and development of female workers.

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Japan handles violators of regulations in receiving Vietnamese trainees

10/11/2019 18:27

VTV.vn - Japan’s authorities have withdrawn the operation licences of two Japanese organisations in charge of receiving foreign technical trainees after finding that they had illegally negotiated with Vietnamese agencies sending trainees to Japan.

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30,000 Vietnamese technical labourers find employment in Japan

10/07/2019 19:46

VTV.vn - Currently, over 30,000 technical labourers from Vietnam are employed in factories throughout Japan, according to statistics released by the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs.

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Free movement of labour in ASEAN

08/08/2017 10:21

VTV.vn - According to agreements reached by the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), skilled labourers in professions can freely move within the ASEAN bloc to find employment.

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Overseas work opportunities raise questions

10/03/2017 09:46

VTV.vn - Recently, there have been many people from Buon Don District, Dak Lak province who've applied for work in the US.

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Opportunities for free labour export

10/14/2017 18:24

VTV.vn - According to the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs' Center for Overseas Labour, 400 candidates will be chosen to join a non-profit to workin an internship in Japan in the construction and manufacturing sector.

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Workforce forecast to increase in third quarter

09/19/2018 15:20

VTV.vn - It is forecast that Vietnam’s total workforce will near 54.26 million people in the third quarter of this year, up 0.44 percent from the previous quarter and 0.91 percent annually.


International vocational certificate helps labourers stay competent

12/12/2018 10:43

VTV.vn - The Comprehensive and Progressive agreement for Trans Pacific Partnership CPTPP is expected to take effect in a matter of days.

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Short-term labour export for people in mountainous areas

12/22/2018 11:39

VTV.vn - Policies have been introduced to help many households in mountainous areas escape poverty through exporting labour.

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Labour cost in Vietnam is high for the region

12/22/2018 10:27

VTV.vn - Labour costs in Vietnam are now leading in Southeast Asia, according to a report on corporate productivity and investment environment by the World Bank.

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Outstanding firms for labourers honored

12/17/2018 16:30

VTV.vn - A ceremony to honor 60 outstanding businesses for laborers was held in Hanoi over the weekend. The list ranks the nation's best firms for laborers.

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Vietnam attracts high-skilled ASEAN labour

12/08/2015 18:25

VTV.vn - The ASEAN Community will be established on the final day of this year.

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Overseas labour recruitment halted

07/31/2016 13:06

VTV.vn - The Ministry of Labour, Invalids & Social Affairs has temporarily halted the recruitment of overseas labour for the South Korean market in 44 northern and central districts.


1000 jobs available to returning labourers from the Republic of Korea

05/15/2017 06:19

VTV.vn - More than 1000 jobs will be available for Vietnamese workers returning from the Republic of Korea. The information will be provided in a job fair to be held in Hanoi on Tuesday.

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