HCM City’s job market starts to heat up

by NDO30 October 2020 Last updated at 17:46 PM

A job market held by the Ho Chi Minh City Centre for Employment Services in late September attracted a large number of workers to consult and seek jobs. (Photo: NDO)
A job market held by the Ho Chi Minh City Centre for Employment Services in late September attracted a large number of workers to consult and seek jobs. (Photo: NDO)

VTV.vn - After several months of lull due to COVID-19, since September, job markets hosted by the HCM City Centre for Employment Services have been "hotter" with thousands of recruitments registered.

Various jobs for employees

At a job market held recently, many local businesses registered to recruit across a variety of professions, ranging from unskilled labour, employees in business operations to workers and employees in the fields of finance, real estate and insurance.

Being interviewed and recruited directly at the fair, Nguyen Ngoc Cat Tam, 23, said: “The position I applied for is as a restaurant supervisor. Trung Tuyen Company has a recruitment demand, so it chose me and the two sides agreed with the paid salary.”

Tam shared that after her graduation, she had to change jobs continuously as the COVID-19 epidemic had broken out and restaurants and hotels had almost no need to find employees. Finding a job at this time, Tam feels secure and hopes to find a stable and long-term job.

According to the Job Placement Office under the Ho Chi Minh City Centre for Employment Services, after a long time with almost no job fairs due to COVID-19, in September the unit held three consecutive job markets that connected to the local districts’ unemployment insurance agencies. Through these, they created jobs for nearly 3,400 workers, most of them are graduates from local universities and vocational schools as well as unemployed workers.

Surveying the recruitment demand from local enterprises, recruitment is clearly diversified and plentiful while the demand has increased many times compared to the period during COVID-19’s prevalence. The positions advertised by enterprises and registered to the centre focus on various fields, such as mechanical engineering; accounting and auditing; business management; office administration; service industries; sales, guards, industrial protection and hygiene; footwear and garment, etc…

Last month, the centre helped created jobs for more than 27,000 workers, six times higher than during the peak time of the COVID-19 outbreak (with just over 4,000 jobs).

Increasing labour supply and demand connection

According to the Director of the Ho Chi Minh City Centre for Employment Services, Le Thi Kieu Phuong, since September, the COVID-19 epidemic has been brought under good control in the city, helping restore production and business activities. The centre has promoted the collection of supply sources, workers unemployed due to the influence of COVID-19, as well as graduates from universities and vocational schools in the city, to meet the needs for employment from local enterprises. On that basis, the centre has organised job fairs to connect labour supply and demand from both sides.

In October, the centre plans to host three other floors, which will be maintained in November and December with at least three fairs each month. Along with that, the centre also coordinates with local authorities in organising job fairs in localities with a large number of businesses and industrial parks to expand the labour market and recruitment needs.

Phuong also revealed that her centre will continue to provide counselling and job placement for workers who are entitled to unemployment benefits, while screening the list of unemployed workers who wish to find jobs to introduce and connect with businesses that are in need of recruitment through live job sessions and on the website of the centre. It will attend to the recruitment needs of businesses and invite them to sign up and join the labour markets at the centre.

The centre will participate in job fairs for students held at their schools to advise and recommend graduates, as well as introducing recruitment information and promoting the centre’s activities in schools.

In addition, job placement for demobilised soldiers and labourers from poor and near poor households is also a focus of the centre.

According to the city’s Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, the unit has developed various plans to help unemployed workers find suitable jobs soon, of which the optimal is to provide these workers vocational training to change their careers.


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