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Vietnam needs 141 billion USD to invest in electricity industry by 2030

04/08/2022 15:16

VTV.vn - The total investment capital for electricity development in Vietnam in the 2021-2030 period is estimated at 141.59 billion USD, including 127.45 billion USD in electricity sources and 14.14 billion USD for the electric grid.


Development plan 8 promotes renewable energy

10/16/2019 10:24

VTV.vn - In the coming years, Vietnam's power source will focus on renewable energy. This is part of the Development Plan 8, which involves Vietnam's power development plan for the next 2 decades.

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Vietnam continues to improve access to electricity

11/02/2018 17:26

VTV.vn - The World Bank just announced its report Doing Business 2019, in which Vietnam climbed 37 places in electricity availability to rank 27th among 190 nations and economies.

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Power consumption hits record high during heat wave

07/05/2018 10:52

VTV.vn - According to Vietnam Electricity (EVN), the ongoing heat has pushed electricity consumption in the north to a record high.

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Electricity helps develop Con Co island

03/21/2018 13:47

VTV.vn - Electricity Vietnam EVN started to supply power to households, agencies and other public facilities on Con Co Island in Quang Tri Province in 2017.

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Electricity saving campaign proves effectiveness

05/20/2017 08:32

VTV.vn - Electricity demand in the Southern Vietnam has been rising by 8-10% annually for socio-economic development.

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3,300 in Mekong Delta to access electricity

09/24/2016 16:52

VTV.vn - By the end of this year, 3,300 households in the Mekong Delta Region will be connected to the national grid.

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Electricity supply to be affected by late flood, suspended gas supply

08/06/2016 19:04

VTV.vn - The low water level in hydroelectricity reservoirs in the Central Highlands and central regions and the temporary suspension of gas supply to thermal power plants could affect electricity supply to the south.

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Conference offers electricity solutions

09/16/2015 16:36

VTV.vn - A conference to promote the upcoming Elecrama Exhibition 2016, one of the world’s biggest electricity showcases was launched yesterday in Hanoi.

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First solar power plant built in Quang Ngai

08/31/2015 16:22

VTV.vn - The plant costing nearly 900 billion VND (about 41 million USD) funded by the Thien Tan Construction Investment JSC has a capacity of 19.2 MV.

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Electric motorways could charge electric cars on the go

08/03/2015 13:21

VTV.vn - England will begin testing an electric highway that will allow owners of electric and hybrid cars to charge while they’re on the go.

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Quang Ninh ensures electricity security

08/03/2015 10:24

VTV.vn - order to ensure power, Quang Ninh Electricity Company, together with other local authorities, is striving to efficiently solve electricity issues.

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