Electricity supply to be affected by late flood, suspended gas supply

by VNA06 August 2016 Last updated at 19:04 PM

VTV.vn - The low water level in hydroelectricity reservoirs in the Central Highlands and central regions and the temporary suspension of gas supply to thermal power plants could affect electricity supply to the south.

As the annual flood is coming late this year, the water volume flowing into most reservoirs is only reaching 70% compared with the average of previous years, with the water volumes along the Se San and Srepok rivers reaching only 23-50% of the typical averages. At the same time, gas supply from the PM3-CAA and 46-Cai Nuoc gas fields for the Ca Mau thermal power plant has been suspended from August 1-16, forcing the EVN to use DO oil to operate turbines at the plant or use other diesel-fueled power stations to supply enough electricity to the southwest region.

According to the EVN, the group will make the best use of hydroelectricity reservoirs to ensure sufficient water is still supplied to agriculture in downstream localities.  The company said that it will also boost the output of coal- and gas-fueled power plants if the water level at hydroelectricity reservoirs continues to remain low.  In July, the EVN ensured a stable and safe supply of electricity for the daily needs of people and for socio-economic development.  The electricity output, including purchased electricity, in July reached 101.79 billion kWh, up 12.05% from the same period last year. Of which, hydropower plants generated 30.86%, coal-fueled plants 38.93% and gas-fueled plants 28.16% of the total volume.  The company suspended the purchase of 220kV electricity from China in July.  The whole country’s commercial electricity output reached 90.45 billion kWh, up 11.56% from one year ago, in which electricity for industry-construction makes up 52.7% and electricity for government and households accounts for 34.9%.

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