Women leaders: Step it up for gender equality

by VOV12 August 2016 Last updated at 18:39 PM

photo: VOV
photo: VOV

VTV.vn - The Vietnam Women’s Association has chaired a conference in Hanoi attended by many high level officials in government reviewing the nation’s progress in giving effect to gender equality.

In a keynote address, Nguyen Thi Thu Ha, chairwoman of the Association, applauded the government for its pledge and commitment for concrete action to achieve and empower women and girls.

However, she said, no country around the globe has fully achieved equality and empowerment for women and girls and there are still many remaining challenges that must be legislatively addressed.

These issues involve strengthening implementation of laws; bolstering institutions for women's empowerment; transforming discriminatory norms and stereotypes; boosting accountability; enhancing capacities and data to track progress; and closing resource gaps.

Women and girls still have higher levels of maternal mortality and are the recipients of persistent violence. Women’s income remains much lower than that of men. Retirement ages of men and women are inexplicably different.

In addition, poverty among women in Vietnam is disproportionately higher than men, she underlined.

To deal with these issues needs a long-term solution and close coordination among ministries to change current awareness and the approach to resolving the complex issues to resolving gender equality, Ms Ha added.

Pratibha Mehta, UN Resident Coordinator, in turn recognized the progress made in the nation with respect to gender equality, particularly on girls' enrolment in primary and secondary education, access to reproductive health care and increased participation in political life.

Ms Mehta called for changing mindsets among men, saying truly powerful men are those who believe in and work for the empowerment of women.

In closing, she said the involvement of men and boys are critical in combatting violence against women, saying no to child marriages, ending unequal pay and ensuring full and effective involvement of women in all aspects of society.

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