Women’s participation in elected bodies promotes gender equality

by VTV417 May 2016 Last updated at 08:30 AM

VTV.vn - One way to promote gender equality is to support women to participate in National Assembly and People’s Councils.

Voters are being encouraged to select female candidates, with the target of achieving at least 35% of seats to be filled by women. Female National Assembly candidates play as equally a significant role as their male counterparts. They have made significant contributions in changing the way the National Assembly works. However, the proportion of elected female candidates is still far too small considering their value to society.

"The number of female candidate elected as National Assembly candidate in the 12th and 13th National Assembly election failed to meet our expectations. In the 14th National Assembly election, nearly 41% of the candidates that stood in Hanoi were women. However, it’s up to the voters who gets elected" - Nguyen Thi Nguyet Huong, National Assembly Candidate of Hanoi.

Recent residential voter meetings has shown that the action programmes of many of the female candidates for National Assembly and People’s Council’s election have been particularly well received, especially concerning everyday bread and butter issues that affect ordinary voters. Those elected will be responsible for turning these promises into reality.

"Some people might think that women can’t be a politician while taking care of their family. However, I support female candidates and hope that people will vote for them so that women can contribute more to the development of the country." - Do Thi Hong, Voter, Tan Chau Dist., Tay Ninh Province.

"I will consider voting for female candidates after taking a look at the candidate list and their background. As we have participated in global integration, gender equality is very important. Therefore, it’s necessary to have a reasonable proportion of female candidate elected." - Khuong Trung Thuy, Voter, Tan Chau Dist., Tay Ninh Province.

Improving the proportion of female candidates will help in developing the country’s policies and go toward narrowing the gender disparity. Progressive thinking on this issue will also need to be in evidence at the ballot boxes when the electorate cast their votes in the coming election.


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