PM attends Vietnam Global Investment Forum

by VTV401 October 2015 Last updated at 06:26 AM

PM Nguyen Tan Dung speaks at the Viet Nam Global Investment Forum, Ha Noi, September 30, 2015. Photo: VGP/Nhat Bac
PM Nguyen Tan Dung speaks at the Viet Nam Global Investment Forum, Ha Noi, September 30, 2015. Photo: VGP/Nhat Bac

VTV.vn - The Vietnam Global Investment Forum kicked off yesterday in Hanoi. The event was jointly held by Euromoney and the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

Addressing the event, PM Nguyen Tan Dung claimed foreign investors have great opportunities to invest in infrastructure, especially through Public-Private Partnerships and the restructuring of state-owned enterprises.

The forum looked at growth and the country’s economic recovery and outlook for 2016, SOE equitisation and FDI trends. Prime Minister Dung said the number of state-owned enterprises had been cut by 90% in the last 20 years. The government has also just expanded the room for foreign investment into companies following the lifting of the cap on foreign shareholdings, a move that should help boost interest in the Vietnamese stock market.

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung said: "In the coming time, more equitized enterprises will be listed. This is a good time for foreign partners to seek investment opportunities including mergers or acquisitions of these state-owned enterprises. We’re encouraging investors to participate in our restructuring process, and invest in government and corporate bonds. Many other policies have been amended, supporting foreign investors".

The ASEAN Economic Community and other free trade agreements have opened doors for Vietnam with 55 partners, including G7 members and 15 members of the G20. The government is trying to improve Vietnam’s investment environment to the same level as ASEAN 4.

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung continued: "Vietnam is trying to create a favourable environment for domestic and foreign investors, especially terms of infrastructure, high technology and support industries. The decree on PPPs has taken effect. It will open up opportunities for the private sector, particularly FDI. Vietnam will announce the list of projects calling for PPP investment soon, including infrastructure, transport, energy, water supply, and waste treatment".

The Prime Minister concluded that Vietnam welcomes any foreign firm investing in the country. Also during the event, the World Economic Forum announced that Vietnam’s competitiveness index climbed 12 places during this year, ranking 6th in the Southeast Asia.

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