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Flooding causes four deaths, heavy losses in central region

10/17/2019 14:34

VTV.vn - Floods following downpours, along with gale and lightning, killed four and caused heavy losses in many central localities from October 14 to 16, according to the Central Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control.

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Flood waters bring hope and uneasiness to farmers in the Mekong Delta

09/16/2019 10:29

VTV.vn - Floods have come to the fields of the Mekong Delta.

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Armed forces help Phu Quoc people recover after flood

08/14/2019 17:55

VTV.vn - After days of flooding, people on Phu Quoc Island have returned home to clean up the inundated areas.

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Severe subsidence in Phu Tho province

09/06/2019 15:56

VTV.vn - Prolonged and unusual floods in recent times have resulted in serious subsidence in many dike sections in Phu Tho province.

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Support for people isolated in flooded areas

09/06/2019 11:38

VTV.vn - Floods in the north-central coast of Vietnam have lasted several days, isolating a number of areas in the region.

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Efforts to overcome aftermath of flood in central region

09/06/2019 15:46

VTV.vn - Rainfall in the central region has decreased significantly since last night.

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Ho Chi Minh cirty prepares for coming floods

10/08/2018 16:27

VTV.vn - Starting October 9th, Ho Chi Minh City is facing a level 3 risk of flooding.

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Vinh Long: Orchards ahead of floods

10/23/2018 12:22

VTV.vn - The lunar eclipse in the 9th lunar month has been forecast with alerts concerning its effects on agriculture.

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Money assistance to flood victims in Ha Giang

10/23/2018 10:32

VTV.vn - The Red Cross Society branch in Hà Giang Province is implementing many projects to assist affected residents in the flooded areas of Vietnam's northern mountainous provinces.

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Severe damage in central provinces

12/12/2018 15:52

VTV.vn - As of 17:30 local time on Tuesday, floods in the central provinces from Quang Tri to Phu Yen have killed 12 people.

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Binh Dinh evacuates residents from flooded areas

12/12/2018 12:28

VTV.vn - Due to the heavy rainfall and the water receding slowly in Binh Dinh's rivers, many roads in Phu My, Phu Cat, Hoai Nhon, Hoai An, An Lao, An Nhơn town, and Quy Nhon city became heavily flooded causing heavy traffic.

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Binh Dinh affected by rains

12/10/2018 15:07

VTV.vn - Prolonged heavy rain also affects other provinces including Binh Dinh. Rain caused extensive flooding in the province with nearly 2,500 households isolated and divided.


Three houses collapse due to flood tides

01/01/2019 12:51

VTV.vn - Flood tides have caused three houses to collapse and have threatened 40 others near the coast in the southern central province of Phu Yen.

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Complicated weather condition in different provinces

08/09/2019 11:38

VTV.vn - The situation of flood and rain is complicated in many localities across the country.

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Four houses destroyed by a landslide in Hoa Binh

07/31/2018 17:48

VTV.vn - Four houses were completely erased by a landslide in Hoa Binh Province.

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Promoting the local forces' role in disaster prevention

07/25/2018 09:35

VTV.vn- On Tuesday, the Central Steering Committee for Disaster Prevention organized the conference entitled "Disaster Prevention in the Central Highlands and the impact of natural disasters on the achievements of building new rural area in Vietnam".

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Muong La revives after flood

08/03/2018 11:41

VTV.vn - A year ago, a terrible flash flood occurred in Mường La District, Sơn La Province, causing dozens of casualties and people to go missing.

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Muong Lat District to recover from aftermath of floods and landslides

09/05/2018 13:52

VTV.vn - Muong Lat District in the north-central province of Thanh Hoa is still isolated after torrential rains and landslides hit the province.

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Flooding in Son La prevents students from attending school

09/05/2018 13:13

VTV.vn - Although September 5th is the annual opening ceremony of the school year, students in Ta Hoc primary and secondary schools in Mai Sơn district of the northern province of Son La won't be able to start school just yet due to the recent floods.

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Dong Thap plans to open floodgates

09/10/2018 17:31

VTV.vn - Recent floods have raised water levels to alarming heights in Thuong Phuoc 1 Commune, Hong Ngu District, Dong Thap Province.

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