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Danang to develop more nighttime tourism services

10/26/2019 19:25

VTV.vn - As a city with some of the most attractive beaches on the planet and many high-end buildings, Da Nang has emerged as an attractive destination in Asia as well as the world.

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England and Finland to display in final of Da Nang fireworks fest

06/24/2019 21:00

VTV.vn - Fireworks teams from England and Finland have excelled over teams from other countries to compete in the final of the Danang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF) 2019 on July 6.


Vietnamese Young Intellectual Forum to take place in Da Nang

11/27/2018 10:13

VTV.vn - The first Vietnamese Young Intellectual Forum will take place from November 27 - 29 in the central city of Da Nang central.


Dioxin decontamunation completed in Danang

11/07/2018 14:38

VTV.vn - The decontamination of dioxin in Danang Airport has been completed, concluded an assessment carried out by the National Steering Committee for post-war consequences of unexploded ordnance and toxic chemicals and the US Agency for International Development.

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Danang International Firework Festival 2018

03/07/2018 16:37

VTV.vn - This morning, the city of Danang and Sun Group officially announced their plans for the 2018 Danang International Firework Festival (DIFF 2018).

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Danang's tourism sector preparing for APEC

10/27/2017 11:09

VTV.vn - As the host of APEC 2017, the city of Danang is preparing its infrastructure as well as security measures to ensure a successful event.

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Danang powers up for APEC 2017

07/14/2017 17:17

VTV.vn - Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) Central Power Corporation is pushing to complete a new electricity grid to serve the APEC high-level meetings to be held in Da Nang in November.

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Musical "Two loving stars" perfomed in Da Nang

06/28/2017 07:00

VTV.vn - "Two Loving Stars", a musical that combines K-Pop and Opera, was staged for the first time in the central city of Da nang, making a good impression on local audiences.


Danang Hi-Tech Park courts Thai investment

02/15/2017 07:57

VTV.vn - The Bangkok Urban Management Department visited Danang Hi-Tech Park to look into investment promotion and exchange their experiences in the high-tech sector.

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Dioxin Clean-Up Continues

01/09/2017 12:27

VTV.vn - The project to clean up 90,000 square meters of soil and sediment contaminated by Agent Orange/dioxin at a site in Danang airport has entered its second phase.


Customs clearance enhanced at Danang port

10/28/2016 06:14

VTV.vn - Da Nang Port JSC has started conducting customs clearance checks on goods for import and export using a new data exchange system with customs authorities.

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First stem cell transplant success in Da Nang

09/21/2016 14:03

VTV.vn - Da Nang Hospital has successfully transplanted autologous bone marrow stem cells into a 41 year-old patient from Son Tra District in the Central Coastal City of Da Nang.

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Danang gets ready for APEC 17

08/07/2016 08:21

VTV.vn - Vietnam will be the host for the 25th Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit, which will take place in Da Nang in October 2017.

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Danang suggests tourist police force

07/06/2016 14:31

VTV.vn - Danang Tourism Department has recommended the establishment of a tourist police team.

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Da Nang attracts more investment in tourism sector

06/10/2016 15:56

VTV.vn - In the first five months of the year, Da Nang city has attracted 1.87 million visitors, with the number of international visitors increasing by nearly 20% year-on-year.


Cruise ship tours in Han River suspended until June 16th

06/08/2016 18:28

VTV.vn - Danang City’s police has decided to arrest and detain captain of the boat that sunk in the Han River on June 4th which cost the lives of three people.

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International meeting connects start-ups to investors

05/30/2016 15:19

VTV.vn - This past weekend, the very first International Start-up Meeting 2016 was held in Vietnam by AIESEC Alumni International and Hatch Vietnam.

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Sea and island exhibition kicks off in Da Nang

11/16/2015 10:46

VTV.vn - An exhibition on seas and islands opened to the public on Monday in Danang as part of activities for the fifth East Asian Seas Congress.


Da Nang hosts 5th East Asian Seas Congress

11/16/2015 10:34

VTV.vn - Nearly 700 international delegates gathered in the central city of Danang for the opening of the 5th East Asian Seas (EAS) congress. Deputy Prime Minister Hoàng Trung Hải attended the event.


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