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Top-searched destinations by Vietnamese travelers for the national holiday in April & May

03/27/2023 11:46

VTV.vn - Dalat topped the list for most-searched destinations in Vietnam over the long holiday.


Diverse choices for holidaymakers during Lunar New Year

01/16/2023 10:45

The Tet (Lunar New Year) tourism market this year is assessed to be more exciting, as diverse domestic, inbound and outbound tours are offered.


Top tips for solo travel

11/11/2021 16:57

VTV.vn - 30% of global travelers and 29% Vietnamese travelers now say that they will be planning a solo trip in the future.


Embassy advises Vietnamese in Canada to avoid non-essential outbound trips

03/23/2020 15:44

VTV.vn - The Embassy of Vietnam in Canada has asked Vietnamese citizens living there to avoid non-essential travel from home, particularly outside Canada or between different parts of the country, as COVID-19 continues spreading.

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Vietnam suspends entry of tourists from or transiting Schengen countries, UK

03/13/2020 14:59

VTV.vn - Vietnam will temporarily deny entry of tourists coming from or transiting Schengen countries and the UK within 14 days before their intended arrival in Vietnam.

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Domestic travel agents compete with international online travel agents

08/02/2019 08:34

VTV.vn - E-commerce development is a push of the increase in online travel agents (OTA). However, 80% of the OTA market in Vietnam is operated by international companies, including Agoda, Traveloka, or Booking.

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Vietnam Travel & Tourism Summit 2018

12/08/2018 09:38

VTV.vn - Restructuring the tourism industry and moving towards quality and sustainability is a very urgent issue. This is what was said at Vietnam Travel and Tourism Summit 2018, which was held in Hanoi on the 5th and 6th of December.

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Vietnam wins at world travel awards

09/05/2018 10:47

VTV.vn - For the first time ever, Vietnam won the title "Asia's Leading Destination 2018" at the World Travel Awards Asia & Australasia Gala Ceremony.

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Family travel increases among Vietnamese people

08/27/2018 15:54

VTV.vn - Family travel is becoming more popular. According to a survey of Agoda, one of the biggest tourism online booking websites, the average Vietnamese booked four trips with his or her family last year.

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Vietnam wins big in World Travel Award 2017

12/11/2017 11:21

VTV.vn - Vietnam, once again, won many prestigious awards at the World Travel Awards 2017 held at the Marriott Hotel, in Phu Quoc, Kien Giang province.

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River buses in Bangkok offer travellers another side of the city

10/22/2017 11:23

VTV.vn - Bangkok is one of the cities in the world with the highest density of traffic.

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Conference on smart travel development

10/07/2017 13:43

VTV.vn - Along with the development of information technology, the concept of smart travel has also become more popular.

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Tourists prefer less crowded destinations

09/02/2017 18:26

VTV.vn - On holidays, especially during peak travel seasons, tourists often avoid popular tourist destinations for fear of crowded places and price gouging.

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Adventure travel: A new trend in Vietnam

04/30/2017 10:13

VTV.vn - Vietnamese travellers are accustomed to traditional vacations, but recently a new kind of travel has been rapidly expanding.

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Travel bloggers helps promote Vietnam

04/30/2017 08:31

VTV.vn - Travel bloggers have become increasingly popular as reliable, grassroots sources of information on destinations.

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Travel trends during Tet holiday

01/31/2017 10:08

VTV.vn - Thousands of Vietnamese tourists have embarked on New Year trips to generate good luck and happiness for the Lunar New Year.

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Travel firm to be punished for false information

08/01/2016 09:59

VTV.vn - Da Nang Department of tourism has asked authorities to punish the Jeep Tour company, who has advertised Vietnamese seas with false information.

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Travel products to be auctioned for the first time

07/25/2016 18:10

VTV.vn - Travel products including hotel bookings, tour and packages will be auctioned for the first time in Vietnam with the aim to bring more benefits for customers and boost the local travel market.


Quang Tri promotes new cave as tourist destination

09/16/2015 15:09

VTV.vn - The central province of Quang Tri is promoting a newly-rediscovered cave in Huong Lap Commune, 20 km away from Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park.

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Chay River in Phong Nha Ke Bang attracts tourists

08/07/2015 16:00

VTV.vn - Several events are taking place to celebrate a second UNESCO recognition for Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park as a World Heritage site.

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