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Check out the strange spring celebration customs of ethnic groups in northern Vietnam

01/27/2020 14:45 - Festivals are an indispensable parts of spring celebrations across villages in Vietnam during Tet (Lunar New Year) Festival.

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Honouring traditional Tet’s values

01/13/2020 18:26 - Tet Festival 2020 took place, for the first time, in Ho Chi Minh City from January 3 to 5, with the participation of more than 100 units from ten provinces and cities, attracting more than 36,000 domestic and international visitors.

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Elders devoted to keep gong tradition alive in Tuong Duong

01/08/2020 18:41 - Gongs are typical musical instruments of the Thai, O Du and H’mong ethnic people in the mountainous district of Tuong Duong, Nghe An Province.

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Venerable keeps cultural traditions alive

10/18/2018 08:39 - Venerable Thich Chanh Tinh from Dong Phuc Pagoda, Quang Yen commune, Quang Ninh province, has spent a lot of time researching and passionate in artistic creation.

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Traditional Tet to life

01/24/2017 11:18 - Modernity has simplified many aspects of the traditional Tet that many Vietnamese people have known.

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Traditional woodblock paintings showcased in Hanoi

03/27/2016 15:24 - While most contemporary painters have been focusing on paintings that prove attractive to viewers, there’s an artist who is especially dedicated to traditional woodblock painting.

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Hanoi Traditional Craft Tourism and Culture Festival announced

10/01/2015 10:00 - The Hanoi Traditional Craft Tourism and Culture Festival 2015 will be held at the Quan Ngua Sports Complex from Oct 7th to 11th.

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Mid-Autumn Festival celebrated in Hanoi

09/28/2015 08:59 - This past weekend, children and families across the country celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival.

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Vu Lan Festival celebrated at Bai Dinh Pagoda

09/07/2015 14:30 - Lunar July is seen as a month of gratitude. This is the time for children to express their gratitude towards their parents.

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Young Hanoians present Cheo plays in communal house yards

09/07/2015 10:00 - A series of traditional Cheo performances kicked off in Hanoi on Saturday night (September 5th).

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Water puppetry and Cheo opera meet in new performance art

07/07/2015 16:00 - The traditional sounds of Cheo folk opera meets the animated figures of Vietnamese water puppetry – all in a new performance show that is attracting audiences to the capital city’s Cheo theatre.

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Miss Korean Honey Lee shines in Hoi An

04/23/2015 14:56

Miss Korea 2006 Honey Lee has arrived in Hoi An Ancient Town for a photoshoot of a fashion magazine.

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