Television faces challenges in the digital age

by VTV410 July 2016 Last updated at 16:49 PM

VTV.vn - A recent survey shows that the number of Vietnamese who use the internet for news is 3 times higher than the world’s average.

Many audiences are now accessing information through mobile devices. This poses significant challenges for traditional TV production. How do we innovate traditional television to meet the modern demands of audiences?

It is estimated that 3 out of 4 people under the age of 30 use the internet for news. These survey results were presented at the “news production for the digital age" conference by VTV. And this trend seems to be growing.

"Nowadays, I mainly use my phone to get news via social media. I don’t often watch TV, but if I want accurate information, I still choose television.", an Hanoi Resident said.

The 7PM News bulletin, one of the most viewed news segments, has tested a live broadcast on Facebook, and seen great results. Hundreds of views were counted from across the globe. Utilising the power of technology, traditional press can still attract audiences.

"The views increase very fast. At one time, we got more than 2000 views. They comment and interact a lot on social media." –Vu Thanh Thuy, Journalist, Chief Editor, VTV News.

"One Reuters Europe zone fact that really impressed me was that 90% of youngsters approach news via social media, but they have more trust in TV news. This shows that traditional TV still has a foothold, and VTV news reporters are ready to shift to digital media to meet the needs of our audience." – Le Quang Minh, Journalist, Deputy Director, News Department, Vietnam Television.

Quick, accurate updates and rich images are still the strengths of television news. Each reporter at VTV is not only a journalist, but also a producer, and a proficient user of social media that can please audiences in the digital age.


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