Mountainous north enjoy year-end fairs

by VTV402 February 2016 Last updated at 18:00 PM - Year-end fairs are very important in the lives of the people of ethnic groups in the country’s mountainous north. The current chill has failed to dampen the festive atmosphere as locals prepare for some of their most important social events.

Phó BảngFair in Đồng Văn District, Ha Giang Province, is as busy as usual, bustling with people of different ethnic groups in the region that come to trade and reconnect with old acquaintances.

Despite having to walk over 5 kilometres in the piercing winter wind, Mây and Pương still manage to attend the fair every year.

"It took me about an hour to reach the fair on foot. The route isn’t that easy either. But I still love going. I want to buy gifts and foods to prepare for Tet." - Cung Thi Phuong, Local Pu Peo People.

Phó Bảng Fair is located at the centre of Đồng Văn District, Ha Giang Province. This fair only takes place once a week. Pigs are some of the most important items sold at the fair, and this is particularly true in the run-up to Tet as they’re important parts of the local lunar new year feast. In addition to black pigs, hand-woven clothes made by local women also dominate the fair.

"I made all of these myself! 3 items per day! This is a special H’mong clothing piece that you can put behind your back. It’s both fashionable and useful as you can carry things there." - Mua Thi May, Local Hmong People.

On the last days, everyone seems to be hurrying to the fair to shop for Tet.

Some people buy pigs, some buy chickens, some buy clothes or sweets; some even come to the fair just to meet people and enjoy the food. Whatever they do, it certainly adds to the boisterous spring atmosphere at the fair, enlivening one of the country’s most remote regions.

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