News for: Tet Holiday

Vietnamese goods dominated the market during Tet

02/20/2019 18:34

VTV.vn - During the recent Lunar New Year, Vietnamese goods dominated the market compared to imported products.

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Lucky money envelopes

02/10/2019 12:49

VTV.vn - Giving lucky money is part of the traditional culture of Asian people that is increasingly being modernized.

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Soldiers celebrate Lunar New Year on the spratly islands

02/05/2019 09:37

VTV.vn - The soldiers stationed in the Spratly Archipelago have become used to celebrating the occasion together on the islands, as they have to remain on their posts to protect the sovereignty of the country at all times.

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Transport sector must meet high demand during Tet

02/01/2019 17:17

VTV.vn - The railway sector, transport businesses and coach stations across the country must ensure transportation needs are met for people returning home for Tet Holiday.

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Swedish Ambassador celebrates third Tet in Vietnam

02/01/2019 12:29

VTV.vn - Vietnamese people often go to flower markets, make fruit jam and pack Chung cakes during Tet holiday.

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Workers celebrate Tet away from home

02/01/2019 10:48

VTV.vn - While many people across the country finish work and return home to celebrate the Lunar New Year with their families, a significant number of workers are unable to do this due to difficult conditions.

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Dong leaf market in Laos reminds people of vietnamese Tet

02/01/2019 10:28

VTV.vn - These days, the Vietnamese community in Vientiane, Laos is busy preparing for their Lunar New Year celebrations.

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Decorate trees supplied to overseas Vietnamese in Laos

01/31/2019 14:52

VTV.vn - This year, many Lao sellers have also joined the supply chain of Vietnam's decorative trees.

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Vietnamese people in the US tighhten their belts for Tet

01/26/2019 14:37

VTV.vn - The demand of the Vietnamese community for dried foods and confectionary in the US is quite low due to the US government shutdown.

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Incense making village gets busy as Tet draws near

01/21/2019 16:21

VTV.vn - Offering incense to the ancestors is one of the cultural traditions of Vietnamese people.

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Hanoi's peach growers prepare blossoms for Tet holiday

01/11/2019 08:24

VTV.vn - As Tet holiday draws near, peach blossoms are becoming more and more ubiquitous. Around Hanoi, there are many street vendors selling small peach blossom branches.

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Buddhist temples packed with visitors during Tet

02/20/2018 09:17

VTV.vn - Visiting pagodas has been a long-standing tradition of Vietnamese people during the Lunar New Year festival (Tet).

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10,000 people pay tribute to Hung Kings on first day of Tet

02/17/2018 11:27

VTV.vn - More than 10,000 people paid pilgrimage to the Hung Temple in the northern province of Phu Tho on Friday, the first day of the Lunar New Year, to commemorate the Hung Kings’ merit and pray for a happy New Year.

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Goods prepared early for Tet

02/09/2018 12:36

VTV.vn - Provinces in the southwestern region are preparing goods to meet demand as Lunar New Year nears, especially in rural areas and islands.

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Prime Minister gives Tet gifts to needy people in Dak Lak

02/09/2018 09:28

VTV.vn - Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc visited and presented Tet gifts to over 100 needy workers on Wednesday in the Central Highlands province of Dak Lak.

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Gardeners in Southern Vietnam prepare bonsai plants for Tet

01/16/2018 06:21

VTV.vn - Farmers in southern Vietnam have been busy preparing flowers and trees for the upcoming Lunar New Year.

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Tet market welcomes new year shoppers

01/31/2017 15:26

VTV.vn - Go Market has officially been recognised as one of the 100 most distinct markets in Vietnam.

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Free meals for patients during Tet

01/31/2017 14:05

VTV.vn - Bach Mai Hospital displayed a gesture of kindness to its patients who had to spend Lunar New Year at the facility.

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Book street for Tet

01/31/2017 12:43

VTV.vn - One of the many festive activities locals can enjoy during the Lunar New Year is a Spring book street in Hanoi. The event kicked off on Jan 30th, or the 3rd day of the Lunar New Year.

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Travel trends during Tet holiday

01/31/2017 10:08

VTV.vn - Thousands of Vietnamese tourists have embarked on New Year trips to generate good luck and happiness for the Lunar New Year.

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