Chung cakes wrapped with love

by VTV402 February 2016 Last updated at 17:00 PM - Tet is approaching and as part of efforts to share the festive spirit with children in Yen Bai, two charity foundation organized a chưng Cake-Making charity campaign with the involvement of many students from Hanoi.

Despite the chill Hanoi weather, hundreds of students from Ly Thuong Kiet and Kim Lien high schools were delighted to make Chung Cake for children in mountainous areas. Though not very skilful, the students tried their best to make as many as possible.

"I’ve never made chung cake before. I think it’s hard because you need to make them square to look nice, especially in this cold weather your hands freezes." - Hoang Truc Giang, Kim Lien High School.

"Despite the cold weather, students in Hanoi are excited to be making chung cake for charity. After making the cake, students writes messages and attached them on each cakelike this wishing the children in mountainous area happiness, Joy and Luck." - Phuong Linh

The cards are decorated and handmade by students, delivering messages and wishes from Hanoi. Apart from chung Cakes, one of the teams carefully prepared sweets and lucky money for the children.

"This is the 5th annual event we’ve run. We will send chưng cakes and organise a Tet party for children in the mountains." - Truong Thanh Hai, Representative, Tro Ngheo Vung Cao Organization.

After two days, Over 800 chung cakes, gifts and handmade cards from Hanoi students were given to pupils at Suối Giàng Elementary School, Yên Bái Province.

"I wish you a happy and cosy Tết with your friends and family. Enjoy the chưng cake that I’ve made." - the message reads.

The happy faces of students receiving the gifts brighten up the cold days and will help make this Tet in the country’s wind swept mountainous north more joyful.

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