Highlights of the programs celebrating 50 years of President Ho Chi Minh's Testament on VTV

by Hồng Quân28 August 2019 Last updated at 10:02 AM

VTV.vn - Celebrating 50 years of implementing President Ho Chi Minh's will, Vietnam Television has produced and broadcast many special programs on the historical significance of this document.

Live show "Song of Unity"

The live show "Song of Unity" is an artistic and cultural exchange program which is expected to create strong emotion among the audience, so as for them to better understand Ho Chi Minh’s teaching before passing away. It is also aimed at looking back at the arduous and hard but proud journey to realize his last will.

The production of this program required careful preparation in a long time by the Youth Program Department of Vietnam Television.

Being broadcast live simultaneously from four locations in Hanoi, Nghe An, Hue and Ho Chi Minh City, the simulcast live show consists of 4 chapters: "Unite to unify the country", "Unite to develop the country ","Transparency to keep the great unity" and "Consolidate the great national unity ".

The program is expected to be broadcast live at 20:00 on September 1 on VTV1 channel.

Talkshow "Ho Chi Minh - Journey of aspiration"

The program focuses on portraying the outstanding people, who incessantly make effort in learning and working following the example of Ho Chi Minh. The program produced by the Department of Entertainment Programs depicts the characters through many different ways.

They will take a journey to many historical places attached to Uncle Ho such as Binh Dinh, Con Dao, Soc Trang and return to the stage to share about the trip, the what they did and the lessons they learned from that experience.

The program will be aired at 8h10 on August 24 on VTV1 channel.

Talkshow "His last words to the country"

"His last words to the country" is a program on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh's will produced by the News and Current Affairs Department. Through the typical stories on studying and following His wishes and memories of guests, "His last words to the country" affirms the value and meaning of the Testament of President Ho Chi Minh.

The program will be broadcast at 20h10 on September 2 on VTV1 channel.

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