Europe Days in Vietnam promises fascinating journey through European culture

by H.N09 May 2016 Last updated at 09:52 AM

European artists perform at a press briefing on Europe Days 2016 program organized in Hanoi on May 4. Photo credit: Nhan Dan Online
European artists perform at a press briefing on Europe Days 2016 program organized in Hanoi on May 4. Photo credit: Nhan Dan Online

VTV.vn - ‘Europe Days in Vietnam 2016’ will be held from May 9 to April 6, proposing a fascinating journey through the European cultural scene with a series of diverse intellectual and cultural activities.

Highlights of the “Europe Days 2016” program in Vietnam include:

A prominent event is the Europe Day concert, entitled "Europe Meets Asia in Jazz". The internationally renowned jazz singer Michael Schiefel from Germany unites musicians from Europe and Vietnam within the scope of an exceptional concert in Hanoi. Schiefel is accompanied by the Italian percussionist Davide Pasqualini, the Polish jazz guitarist Gabriel Niedziela and the German cellist Jörg Brinkmann. Together with the Vietnamese saxophonist Nguyen Bao Long and the pianist Nguyen Huu Vuong of the ensemble JumpforJazz, Europe and Vietnam will merge in jazz rhythms. The Gala concert will be a celebration of the multiculturalism of jazz.

The musical scene of the “Europe Days 2016” will be enriched by a staging of the world famous opera "Magic Flute" in full length and original language for the first time in HCMC. The Magic Flute opera, premiered in Vienna in 1791, is one of the most well-known operas in the world. To date, first visitors and experienced opera visitors alike are fascinated by the performance. The opera will be directed by David Hermann and conducted by Trần Nhật Minh in a German - Vietnamese cooperation.

The annual European Film Festival promises to delight Vietnamese spectators with 13 inspiring films, presenting a variety of enchanting works by European film makers. It is a combination of films, ranging from drama, comedy to thriller. It is a journey reflecting dreams, passion, fear and frustration, fun and joy, mistakes and recognition – of every European.

The diversity of European cultural traditions will manifest itself in the European Literature event in Hanoi and for the first time in Ho Chi Minh City, organised by the European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC) and the EU Delegation. At the events, Vietnamese readers will have chances to enjoy new books from Belgium (Wallonia – Brussels), France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the UK. In addition to the presentation of the books, there will be other opportunities for readers to meet authors, listen to talks and readings, or register for workshops on creative writing.

A high – level seminar, entitled “Viet Nam - EU Cooperation: Sharing Experiences of Facing Common Challenges-Green Growth and Sustainable Development", will be held by the EU Delegation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to highlight the role and position of the EU related to the PCA and to review the current trends of Vietnam-EU partnership as well as emerging EU-issues of relevance for Vietnam.

For audiences those who have strong interest in European innovation and science, they will be offered two great events in the "Europe Days 2016" program: ASEAN – EU Science, Technology and Innovation Days and TEDx Innovations from Europe and Vietnam. For the first event, it will consist of a dozen of scientific workshops and innovation exhibition from May 10 to May 12 in Hanoi, serving as an ideal occasion for networking and exchange ideas in the thematic areas health, water management and environment, food, security and safety, and Innovation. The latter one, based on the TED-concept, will receive inspiring speakers from Europe and Vietnam who will share ground-breaking urban and health innovations, ranging from green architecture and more efficient waste collection, to new developments related to fighting infectious diseases and more reliable and tailored medicines.

The annual European Food Festival will come back on 14 May, offering authentic European cuisine, cooking demonstrations by chefs from leading European hotels and restaurants in Hanoi. A variety of special European products will be presented for the first time ever in Vietnam.

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