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Discuss on investment law and enterprise law amendments

09/18/2019 13:52

VTV.vn - At the meeting of National Assembly Standing Committee on investment law and enterprise law amendments on Tuesday, NA Deputies suggested that the Government should consider carefully amending and supplementing the laws.

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Lawmakers consider public investment draft law

11/17/2018 10:26

VTV.vn - National Assembly deputies spent Friday discussing two draft laws, one on preventing the adverse effects of alcohol and the other on adjusting and supplementing a number of articles on the Law on Public Investment.

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Localities implement law on fisheries

08/12/2018 14:36

VTV.vn - On Monday, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development organized a conference on the implementation of the law on Fisheries in the province of Binh Dinh.

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NA discusses draft reprieve law

04/12/2018 08:29

VTV.vn - The National Assembly's Standing Committee stressed that reprieve is decided by the state president and thus regulations related to reprieve should be different from other leniency policies that are being implemented by judicial agencies.

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Mechanism for resolving dubious assets needed

11/21/2017 07:27

VTV.vn - Discussing the draft amendments of the Law on Anti-Corruption, a number of National Assembly deputies agreed that the biggest difficulty in anti-corruption work is taking control of assets, especially assets that don’t have clear origins.

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Draft law on special economic zones

11/11/2017 15:35

VTV.vn - The National Assembly discussed the draft law on special administrative-economic units with three special zones on Friday.

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Prime Minister confirms thorough views on planning law

07/04/2017 07:58

VTV.vn - The Prime Minister will listen directly to the opinions of the Ministers of Construction and Planning and Investment before deciding to submit the draft law to the Standing Committee of the National Assembly and the National Assembly.

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National Assembly discusses law on state responsibility for compensation

05/30/2017 08:36

VTV.vn - National Assembly deputies discussed the content of the amended draft law on the State responsibility for compensation on Wednesday morning

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Amended law on tourism discussed

05/30/2017 06:25

VTV.vn - To improve the tourism industry in Vietnam, the Vietnamese government is revising the outdated 2005 the Law on Tourism.

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Proposed draft amended law on public debt management

05/25/2017 11:39

VTV.vn - Continuing the 3rd session of the 14th National Assembly, the Minister of Finance, Dinh Tien Dung, presented the floor with the draft amended Law on Public Debt Management.

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Seminar on international law

12/30/2016 07:21

VTV.vn - A seminar on the Year of International Laws was held in Hanoi on Wednesday to look at the achievements and major milestones in terms of international law in 2016.

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Several laws announced

12/13/2016 10:23

VTV.vn - Provisions in the Law on Belief and Religion were announced at a press conference on Monday.

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NA discusses Law on Access to Information

01/15/2016 14:49

VTV.vn - The National Assembly Standing Committee's 44th meeting opened on January 14th in Hanoi.

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