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Culpture painting - a new way to enjoy and create art

02/25/2023 19:04

VTV.vn - Have you ever heard of sculpture painting? The combination of these two traditional visual art forms is a new trend in fine art, with works that impress viewers with elegance and depth, as well as high applicability.


Art programme commemorates Party’s 93rd founding anniversary

01/29/2023 16:59

VTV.vn - An art exchange programme entitled ‘Forever trust in the Party’ was held in Hanoi on January 28 to celebrate the 93rd founding anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam (February 3,1930 - 2023).


Vietnamese identities harmonise with the world

02/13/2021 18:56

VTV.vn - Amidst the development of contemporary art, artists have incorporated national heritage into the creation of new forms that have been received positive feedback worldwide.

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Polish painter’s art works introduced in Vietnam

11/14/2020 17:38

VTV.vn- As many as 17 paintings on the topic of nature by Polish painter Marta Kisiliczyk were introduced to Vietnamese viewers at her personal exhibition entitled “Transformation” which was officially opened at the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum in Hanoi.

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Art programme welcomes Ho Chi Minh City’s 11th Party Congress

10/15/2020 12:36

VTV.vn - A special art programme was held at the Nguyen Hue pedestrian area in Ho Chi Minh City on October 14 to welcome the city’s 11th Party Congress for the 2020-2025 tenure, which officially opened on October 15.

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Art programme marks 75th anniversary of Vietnam People’s Public Security

08/13/2020 16:42

VTV.vn - An art programme entitled “For Peace of Life” was held in Hanoi on August 12 to mark the 75th anniversary of Vietnam People’s Public Security and the 15th anniversary of the “All people protect national security” movement.

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Art programme honours frontline workers in COVID-19 fight

06/29/2020 15:58

VTV.vn - An art programme entitled ‘Unforgettable days in Hanoi’ was held at the monument of King Ly Thai To in Hanoi on June 28, attracting an audience of thousands.

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Hanoi’s annual fine arts exhibition to take place in August

05/20/2020 15:39

VTV.vn - Hanoi’s 25th annual fine arts exhibition will take place in August, displaying artworks in the genres of sculpture, graphic arts, applied arts and painting.

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National Young Fine Arts Festival 2020 launched

02/27/2020 07:51

VTV.vn - The fifth National Young Fine Arts Festival will be held in Hanoi in June, for young Vietnamese artists aged between 18 and 35.

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Vietnam - Korea art event to raise funds for Vietnamese disadvantaged kids

10/11/2019 12:52

VTV.vn - The Vietnam-Korea Business and Investment Association organized a Vietnam-Korea Art Night to raise funds for poor children in Vietnam.

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Hanoi to host International Experimental Theatre Festival 2019

09/30/2019 18:18

VTV.vn - Artists from across the world have registered a total of 77 plays to take part in the fourth International Experimental Theatre Festival, which is scheduled to be held in Hanoi from October 4-13.

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Creative sculpture artwork made from traditional paper

03/13/2019 09:57

VTV.vn - When it comes to sculpture, many people often think of artworks made of wood, bronze, stone or terra-cotta. However, a painter has combined traditional Vietnamese Zó paper with traditional Japanese and Chinese paper to create unique sculptures.

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A unique art space in Trinh Cong Son walking street

05/28/2018 16:14

VTV.vn - Trinh Cong Son walking street, the second pedestrian street in Hanoi, has attracted thousands of visitors since it opened more than half a month ago.

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Art activities for the elderly in Hanoi

05/20/2018 09:19

VTV.vn - Getting old may be dreadful for many people but for the members of this art club, old is gold.

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BridgeFest 2018: When art connects people

01/21/2018 13:31

VTV.vn - Last Saturday, BridgeFest 2018, a community event that aimed to connect people, took place at the My Dinh Indoor Athletics Gymnasium in Hanoi.

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An art exhibition surrounded by nature

10/30/2017 13:58

VTV.vn - Unconstrained by the indoors, "Art in the Forest" brings visitors an exhibition of sculptures and paintings set against the natural scenery of Dai Lai Mountain in Vinh Phuc province.

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Culture watch: Unique Chi pottery

07/09/2017 12:59

VTV.vn - Simple but original; asymmetrical but still fitting in appearance; no complex decorative patterns but still charming in its own way.

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Art exhibition on Doi Moi

09/23/2016 16:42

VTV.vn - An exhibition entitled Open Door Vietnam's fine-art during 30 years of renewal, opened at the Vietnam Fine Art Museum in Hanoi on September 22.

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Thai culture and art exhibition lures Vietnamese art lovers

07/30/2016 15:21

VTV.vn - An exhibition on Thailand’s culture and arts opened in Hanoi on July 28, marking the 40th anniversary of Vietnam-Thailand diplomatic ties. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Vietnam and Thailand coordinated the exhibition.

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Visionary artist’s works exhibited in Hanoi

06/07/2016 10:16

VTV.vn - A solo exhibition entitled Dreams: Dancing between Two Worlds of visual, graphic artist Tran Quynh will be held in Hanoi.


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