Art exhibition on Doi Moi

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My childhood - Thanh Chuong (photo: VOV)
My childhood - Thanh Chuong (photo: VOV)

VTV.vn - An exhibition entitled Open Door Vietnam's fine-art during 30 years of renewal, opened at the Vietnam Fine Art Museum in Hanoi on September 22.

Some 50 paintings are displayed to showcase 30 years of the country's renewal, creating favourable conditions for art and culture to flourish. More in the following report.

In parallel with the development of the country, Vietnamese contemporary art has become increasingly integrated into the international contemporary art scene; and a new generation of post-Doi Moi artists have created a diverse and dynamic art scene for the country. The generation of artists from 1986 to the present day have continually pushed new aspects of Vietnam's contemporary art through a diversity of trends and styles.

Nguyen Quan, artist said: "During the time of the Indochinese art, artists could describe their dreams through their artworks. But during the war, they reflected the reality of the war. With the year of innovation and Doi moi, the artists always expressed their personality through their individual artworks".

Nguyen Quan is a painter with many viewpoints about the life. In the exhibition, he selected the painting IPO to introduce to the viewers. The painting aims to gibe at stock market activities. The painter used the materials of ink, paper, oil painting, and abstract expression in black and white colour to reflect the hidden corners of modern society.

Meanwhile, Pham Luan is a painter specialising in subjects related to Hanoi. He has brought the viewer beautiful corners of the capital's Old Quarter.

Pham Luan, artist said: "Sunshine Hanoi brings different corners of the sun in Hanoi with the dry air and sunshine blending into the streets of the Old Quarter".

50 artworks reflect 50 styles and personalities, using multiple materials in various forms. They express the elements of modern art and the personality of the artists.

Thai Nhat Minh, artist said: "With the thought of history, culture, my journey is about the story of soldiers and people".

Despite the 60-year gap between generations, the artists continue to explore aesthetics. The exhibition has made people think about the first phase of the renewal period, reflect on the art scene and find a new way to further nurture the country's arts during the international integration process.


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