Vietnam Television signed agreement with Quang Ninh province

July, 132017

Nguyen Van Doc, Secretary of the Provincial Party’s Committee and VTV’s president Tran Binh Minh, VOV president Nguyen The Ky, Vietnam News Agency president Nguyen Duc Loi and deputy editor in chief of Nhan Dan Newspaper Phan Huy Hien.

Speaking at the signing, Nguyen Van Doc said the media has given feedback to the provincial socio-economic development policies, supporting the province in improving the political system and revising the investment models. The province is piloting the election of head of village and conducting party’s committee congress to discuss the unification of party and government positions.

“The coverage  of VTV, VOV, VNA and Nhan Dan newspaper on Quang Ninh’s event has impacted the provincial program to become one of the North of Vietnam economic hub”, Doc said and hoped that in the near future, the central press agencies enhance the operation of their representative offices in Quang Ninh province. “Quang Ninh will do its best to facilitate the press activities in the province,” Doc added.

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