Director General of Vietnam Television (VTV) received Medved Film Studio’s Representative

May, 082015

At the meeting, Director General – Mr. Tran Binh Minh warmly welcomed the Medved Film Studio’s mission for spending time in VTV to learn about activities, hence creating opportunities for the cooperation between the two parties. According to the Director General, due to many reasons, movies about Soviet Union and Russia have not been aired on Vietnam Television for a long period of time.

The Director General expressed that Vietnam Television would always be willing to cooperate with the Medved Film Studio on the grounds that the Vietnamese had always wanted to learn more about Russia. Vietnam Television has co-operatively produced programs with many foreign partners, especially in feature film. The Director General also emphasized that VTV hoped to have high-quality products, which were copyrighted by Russia, to introduce to Vietnamese audience.

Aiming towards cultural exchange and building a good friendship between Vietnam and the Russia Federation, Mr. Volobuev M.N stated that television was a familiar communication tool with people and he anticipated to have certain cooperation with VTV in exchanging, introducing and co-producing television products for the audience of two countries.

To concretize the aim of VTV and Medved cooperation, the two parties came to an agreement of exchange, discussions and signing the memorandum of understanding in the near future.

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