VTV has enough confidence to catch up with the World Media’s evolution

May, 082015

For the first time arriving in Vietnam and at Vietnam Television’s Headquarter, Mr. Mike Nelson showed his impression on VTV’s modern facilities and professional staffs. He also congratulated VTV on their significant development and believed that VTV would further improve in the near future. Mr. Mike shared that Google paid great attention to journalism field in modern media and hoped for the soonest cooperation with VTV.

Vice Director General of Vietnam Television, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Luong said that in the past 3 years, VTV had remarkable achievements in converting to digital technology, collaborating with several well-known partners in the world, and producing VTV signature programs. He finally confirmed that VTV had enough confidence to catch up with the development of world media.

Mr. Vice Director General revealed that VTV always desired to cooperate with Google - the most powerful Internet search service. Furthermore, this cooperation would implement the objective of delivering VTV’s products to the audience around the globe in order to promote the authentic image, country, and people of Vietnam.

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