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Vietnamese cuisine gains popularity in Middle East

10/09/2019 10:59

VTV.vn - Vietnamese people who have been living in the United Arab Emirates for many years have been preserving and promoting Vietnam's cultural values internationally through traditional Vietnamese cuisine.

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Bodies of 3 Vietnamese killed in Egypt bomb blast brought home

01/06/2019 17:43

The bodies of three Vietnamese people killed in a recent roadside bomb in Egypt were brought back to HCM City yesterday.


Vietnamese are the world's most economical

08/23/2017 08:56

VTV.vn - Nearly 50% of Vietnamese consumers are willing to pay for high value commodities.

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Vietnamese 12th grader disciplined for ‘besmirching’ local hospital on Facebook

06/02/2017 17:47

Vietnamese 12th grader disciplined for ‘besmirching’ local hospital on Facebook


Vietnamese martial arts influence in Belgium

05/10/2017 07:16

VTV.vn - Traditional Vietnamese martial arts over the past decade have made their mark around the world with the number of practitioners growing everyday.

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Overseas vietnamese in Vietnam's integration

01/03/2017 18:27

VTV.vn - Global integration is an inevitable process and Vietnam has continued to further integrate into the international economy.


Vietnamese movie "2030" named best film at US festival

10/24/2015 20:12

VTV.vn - The movie Nuoc (2030), directed by Nguyen Vo Nghiem Minh, has picked up the best feature film award at the San Pedro International Film Festival in the US.


Vietnamese landmarks in Havana

09/28/2015 16:06

VTV.vn - Since the establishment of Vietnam-Cuba diplomatic relations on December 2nd 1960,Cuba has constantly supported Vietnam, especially during the American War.

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Ministry of Industry and Trade review sector’s first 9 months

09/11/2015 19:13

VTV.vn - The Ministry of Industry and Trade has released a report on the trade activities of 28 Northern provinces in the first 9 months of 2015 at a conference hosted in collaboration with Nam Dinh authorities.


Overseas Vietnamese contribute to country’s development

09/03/2015 10:30

VTV.vn - History has proved the role of national solidarity in Vietnam struggle for independence. Part of that struggle involved the efforts of Vietnamese living abroad.

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Summer camp connects Vietnamese overseas youths

07/25/2015 15:00

VTV.vn - Over the last 12 years, the Vietnam summer camp for overseas youths organized by the State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has contributed to connect Vietnamese overseas youths around the world.

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Overseas Vietnamese veteran pays tribute to fallen comrades

07/25/2015 08:04

VTV.vn - With the 68th anniversary of the War Invalids and Martyrs Day on July 27 drawing near, Vietnamese people from all walks of life are visiting cemeteries to pay tribute to martyrs.

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US nurtures Young Vietnamese classical musicians

07/12/2015 13:34

VTV.vn - Over 15,000 Vietnamese students are currently studying in the United States and music students constitute twenty percent of that number. What makes the United States such an attractive destination for young Vietnamese musicians?


Gender-based violence victims to receive comprehensive support

07/01/2015 16:04

VTV.vn - Victims of gender-based violence will now have access to councilling and support services.

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Francophone mayors in South East Asia discuss

05/21/2015 17:06

VTV.vn - A conference themed ‘Heritage and Sustainable Development’ organised the Association of International Francophone Mayors (AIMF) was held today (May 21st).

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Nguyen Tran Trung Quan to perform in Japan

05/21/2015 16:36

Young Vietnamese singer Nguyen Tran Trung Quan will fly to Japan to participate in a music program to be held by Japan’s NHK Group in collaboration with Vietnam Television (VTV) from May 21.

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European seafood expo 2015 attracts Vietnamese enterprises

04/23/2015 15:44

VTV.vn - The three-day event is an opportunity for Vietnamese enterprises to explore the European market and find ways to increase market share.

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Asian-African Conference 2015 commences in Jakarta

04/23/2015 15:06

VTV.vn - The Asian-African Conference (AAC) 2015 opened in Jakarta, Indonesia on April 22.

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Miss Korean Honey Lee shines in Hoi An

04/23/2015 14:56

Miss Korea 2006 Honey Lee has arrived in Hoi An Ancient Town for a photoshoot of a fashion magazine.

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Vietnamese man sets records for memory in Thailand

04/16/2015 16:29

A 27-year-old Vietnamese man has set memory records in Thailand for recalling the database of 206 countries with only one error.

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