US nurtures Young Vietnamese classical musicians

by M.L12 July 2015 Last updated at 13:34 PM

VTV.vn - Over 15,000 Vietnamese students are currently studying in the United States and music students constitute twenty percent of that number. What makes the United States such an attractive destination for young Vietnamese musicians?

This was Tran Khanh Quang’s graduation piece in Philadelphia on Nov 11th 2012. The Vietnamese clarinetist puts down this achievement to the assistance he received from American musicians at the Boyer College of Music and Dance at Temple University. Here, he also received a 10,000 dollar scholarship from the Wes Benson Fund.

Tran Khanh Quang, Supervisor, Department of Woodwind and Percussion, Vietnam National Academy of Music said: "Coming to America is a dream for many Vietnamese musicians. I was able to engage in an innovative musical education system. This opened up a whole new vision for me and gave me both practical and theoretical experience. I was able to strive in such a great artistic environment".

Quang became the first ever Vietnamese to join the American Wind Symphony Orchestra’s Southern US Tour in 2012. With both practical and theoretical knowledge gained from the US, Quang then returned to teach the Vietnam National Academy of Music

Dang Ngoc Vu, Clarinet Student, Department of Woodwind and Percussion, Vietnam National Academy of Music said" Quang’s sight-reading technique allows me to listen to Quang playing live. The rhythm can be more imaginable and understandable. It makes it easier for me to express emotions through my performance".

Also called prima vista, sight-reading involves reading and performing written music at first sight. The technique is among many that Quang brought back from the US.

The musical connection between the United States and Vietnam also continues into the next generation of music lovers in Vietnam. Minh Nhat is one such student who is preparing for his journey to become the next composer at the Manhattan School of Music in the United States.

Choosing composing as his career path, Nhat believes the US will provide great exposure for his works. This is because over 7.6 million classical music albums were sold in the US in 2014. And, Nhat plans to introduce his style mixed with Vietnamese folk music to the US market.

Minh Nhat, Former Student, Vietnam National Academy of Music said: "The US is a country full of opportunities, and this is very valuable for me as a composer. The Americans don’t discriminate against styles of music. They simply just listen and give feedback, both negative and positive"

Minh Nhat will join over 3,000 other Vietnamese music students in America in August. This number is a strong reflection of collaboration between the US and Vietnam in music studies. Michael Luu, Vietnam Television, Hanoi.


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