How gorgeous is Vietnam in “Tuoi thanh xuan”?

by VTV News28 July 2015 Last updated at 13:09 PM – Is it the time for Vietnamese film to promote tourism? The soon-to-be aired drama in many Asian countries, “Tuoi thanh xuan”, is considered new hope.

South Korea film and drama has become a culture wave and movement in many Asian countries, including Vietnam. Not only boosting tourism, South Korea film and drama have also turned the country’s culture, cuisine, cosmetic products, and fashion… into the focal point of the whole Asia.  South Korea government asserted that they accurately invested to the film industry to boost the promotion of South Korea image and culture around the world.

In reality, full feature film and television series have become the savior of tourism of many countries. For example, beautiful dreamy scenes of the Hobbiton people significantly enhanced New Zealand’s tourism. Australia also heavily invested in many film projects, such as Australia, to promote the country’s image. Australia Department of Tourism has spent more than 50 million AUD for marketing film in North America, Japan, Europe, and Korea… in order to attract a huge number of tourists after watching the film.

China, even in their collaborated film projects, would always tries to include gorgeous image of their culture and scenery to show around the globe.

Vietnamese filmmakers, Cinema Department, as well as the Ministry of Culture, Sport, and Tourism have always dreamt of attracting tourists to come to Vietnam via beautiful movies’ scene. There were many film projects signed, cherished, and promoted. Nevertheless, until now, full feature film and television drama could not do much for the tourism.

Vietnamese public was rejoice when the country was chose for some scenes of the American movie Pan. According to Mr. Jon Kuyper, production director of Warner Bros, this would be the big opportunity to promote Vietnam tourism (specifically, En cave, Quang Binh province). Although, choosing Asia as location is a “plot” to expand the market and sell ticket of American filmmakers, it is hard to deny this is a big chance to promote that country.

The drama Tuoi Thanh Xuan is a collaboration between Vietnam and South Korea, which has the setting in both countries. In Vietnam, the main locations are Hanoi and Da Nang. The lead actor Kang Tae Oh shared: “I could never forget how beautiful Da Nang is!”. Foreign audience will a better understanding of contemporary Vietnam country and people when Tuoi Thanh Xuan is aired on South Korea and other South East Asia countries’ paid channels.

It is the first time a television drama will bring the image of Vietnam to Asia’s audience. It is still a long way until television drama could be the savior for Vietnam tourism. Presently, the best hope is after Tuoi Thanh Xuan, there will be more television drama and full feature film projects with the beauty of Vietnam to be broadcasted across Asia and the globe.

Below are pictures of Hanoi and Da Nang in the drama Tuoi Thanh Xuan:

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