Show to celebrate Invalids, Martyrs Day

by VNS24 July 2015 Last updated at 14:34 PM

People's Artist Tran Hieu
People's Artist Tran Hieu - Viet Nam Television (VTV), in co-operation with its partners, will broadcast a special live programme next week to mark the 68th Day for Invalids and War Martyrs (July 27).

The 120-minute program-me will feature dozens of young and veteran singers, dancers and music players from professional art troupes.

There will also be performances in praise of the country, its history and traditional culture and lifestyle.

Featured songs will be those recognised as canons of revolutionary music written by talented composers such as Huy Du, Pham Tuyen and Nguyen Duc Toan.

The boy band Oplus will perform Toan's Biet On Chi Vo Thi Sau (Grateful to Heroine Vo Thi Sau), a song in memory of the southern young heroine Vo Thi Sau, who died for her country when she was only at 16.

People's Artist Tran Hieu will sing along with the pop band MTV the new version of Cung Anh Tien Quan Tren Duong Dai (We Go to the Battle Together), a work composed by Huy Du with lyrics written by Xuan Sach.

Opera singer Hong Vy of the HCM City Ballet, Symphony and Opera Orchestra will perform Tuyen's Nhung Canh Chim Hong Gam (The Hong Gam Bird), with support from the orchestra.

The song was written in 1971 to praise heroine Le Thi Hong Gam of Tien Giang Province, who died in battle in 1970 when she was 19.

The event's highlights include Dang Dung Viet Nam (The Posture of Viet Nam), a popular song by music professor Nguyen Chi Vu with lyrics by poet Le Anh Xuan, performed by pop star Thanh Lam and a wind orchestra.

The show will be followed by talks by history researchers, journalists and music critics.

The organisers will invite mothers of war martyrs, veterans and soldiers to participate the show, which will be broadcast live at 8pm at July 31 on VTV1 and the provinces' TV stations.

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