Cast of "Cuối Tuần Tuyệt Vời" (Fantastic Weekend) debut

by Khánh Huyền25 October 2023 Last updated at 16:36 PM - The lineup of artists participating in the "Fantastic Weekend" gathering includes many young faces known to the audience.

Amazing Saturday is a weekend entertainment program produced by CJ ENM, which airs regularly on the South Korean cable television channel TvN. The program first aired in 2018, and in its first 13 episodes, it achieved the highest ratings among cable channels. It features a star-studded cast with some of the most famous artists in the land of kimchi, including JiSoo, Rosé (Blackpink), TaeYeon (SNSD), EXO, TWICE, Lee Dong Wook, Seventeen, Bi Rain, Kim Bum, ...

Amazing Saturday is South Korea's leading music and food-themed game show, which is popular with audiences in South Korea and Vietnam. That's one of the reasons why producers decided to take the copyright of this format and produce it in Vietnam under the name "Cuối tuần tuyệt vời" (Fantastic Weekend). The show provides a platform for viewers to immerse themselves in popular Vietnamese songs, enjoy familiar melodies, and play fun games.

"Fantastic Weekend" has 15 episodes, each with a different theme. The show features numerous hit songs, lively dances, and a variety of regional and local culinary delights that showcase the essence of Vietnamese cuisine. Creative dishes using traditional Vietnamese ingredients are presented along with international cuisines cleverly introduced through engaging program themes. In keeping with the spirit of the original show, the production team has incorporated three rounds of competition, offering artists and audiences unique experiences in music and cuisine, infused with humor and charm, in harmony with Vietnamese culture.

The first season of "Fantastic Weekend" brings together a famous cast, including host Trường Giang and the "Amazing Team" of 6 well-known artists: actor Tiến Luật, singer-actor Hariwon, actress Diệu Nhi, singer Jun Phạm, actor Quang Trung, and young singer Đức Phúc. The "master chef" for the show is Trần Như Lộc (food blogger Chen Ru Lu, from the "Thánh Ăn" (Food Deity) TV channel. Each episode will also feature two guest celebrities from different fields, with the guests changing depending on the theme.

With a significant fan base from the Korean version and the presence of top Vietnamese artists, "Fantastic Weekend" with the spirit of "Nạp năng lượng - Cả tuần vui" (Recharge Your Energy - Have Fun All Week) promises to be an entertaining game show that brings joy and laughter to the audience. Don't miss the program every Sunday at 20:00 on VTV3, starting from October 29!

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