Hà An Huy couldn't believe he had become the Vietnam Idol champion

by Khánh Huyền22 October 2023 Last updated at 00:00 AM

Vietnam Idol champion Hà An Huy knelt on stage and cried
Vietnam Idol champion Hà An Huy knelt on stage and cried

VTV.vn - Confiding after the finale of Vietnam Idol 2023, Hà An Huy said it was a big surprise for him.

On the night of October 21, Hà An Huy defeated two contestants in the top 3 to win the Vietnam Idol 2023 contest with 43.7% of the audience's votes. When he heard the host announce his name, Hà An Huy knelt on stage and cried.

After winning the award, Hà An Huy said that becoming the Vietnam Idol champion was something he never thought about.

"This is really a dream, a dream I never thought about," Hà An Huy said. "I entered the competition with the desire to experience, to collide, and I can't believe I won this title. I am so grateful to the production team for helping us create the live shows so that we could shine, and to the audience for coming out and supporting the contestants. I'm proud of what I have achieved in Vietnam Idol. In the future, I hope to be worthy of the trophy I'm holding.

"I would like to share this victory with my family. Just yesterday, my mother said that she knew I could win. So when I really won, I knelt down and cried and looked at my mother and thought, 'Oh, Mom! I did it.'"

Hà An Huy said that because he was so surprised to win the Vietnam Idol championship, he didn't know what to do with the prize he received from the competition. According to the organizers, Hà An Huy's prize is a three-billion VND music product investment contract.

"During each round, I received evaluations and comments from Ms. Tâm and everyone in the production team. There were moments when I felt helpless and discouraged about the songs I performed, but everyone supported me a lot. Now I just want to go out and thank everyone very much," An Huy said emotionally.

In the finale, the judge - Mỹ Tâm - gave her comments to the contestants, saying that she had been with them throughout the competition and had seen the potential in each. She also said that she had high expectations for Hà An Huy's performance and was very satisfied with the singer's performance in the final.

In the final moments of the finale, Hà An Huy performed a duet of the song "The Light" with judge Mỹ Tâm. The emotional performance capped off a wonderful live show and left a lasting impression on everyone who watched Vietnam Idol 2023. For Hà An Huy, it was an "extremely happy and indescribable experience".


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