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Promoting start-up creativity spirit in students

06/18/2021 17:31 - A competition Start-up Kite 2021 themed “Start-ups and Innovation in Industry 4.0”, aiming to inspire the youth to showcase their innovation and projects a robust application of science and technology.

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Vietnam’s digital economy presents chances for investors, start-ups

06/16/2021 19:00 - The newswire on June 16 ran an article saying that Vietnam has been steadily growing its highly promising digital economy, presenting multiple opportunities for investors, startups, and businesses alike.


Legal support for start-ups in industry 4.0

06/17/2019 09:32 - The 4th Industrial Revolution is quickly changing the way things normally work.

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Vietnamese startup wins one million USD at 2019 World Cup

05/20/2019 10:29 - Abivin, which provides AI-powered Supply Chain Optimization solutions for enterprises, has championed the 2019 Startup World Cup in the US with a prize of one million USD.


2018, pivotal year for start-up nation building

02/25/2018 16:31 - Vietnam has made efforts to nurture the start-up ecosystem since the government defined 2016 as the “start-up nation year.” 2018 is considered pivotal in encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Forum tackles youth population and employment

12/11/2017 08:57 - The Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs held a dialogue with 125 delegates representing Youth Union members at the 11th National Youth Union Congress on Sunday.

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Business development and start-ups priorities

11/07/2017 10:24 - The APEC Summit agreed three out of the four priorities for this year's APEC on Monday.

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Honouring innovative climate ideas of Vietnamese start-ups

09/21/2017 07:58 - The Vietnam Climate Innovation Centre (VCIC) honoured the leading Vietnamese start-up businesses on September 20 for employing innovative approaches to addressing climate-related challenges in local communities.


Young entrepreneurs forum hightlights start-ups

05/20/2017 13:09 - Over 400 start-up delegates and small and medium-sized enterprises nationwide participated in the Young Entrepreneurs Forum on Friday.

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Startups to take part in Google's program

03/20/2017 08:14 - Two Vietnamese startups have been selected to take part in Google's Launchpad Accelerator program. Haravan and ELSA Speak have recently completed a two-week boot camp at Google's dedicated Launchpad Space in San Francisco.

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More support for startups

03/19/2017 18:18 - Startups have a reputation for innovation, whether they focus on a service, product, or business model.

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Stove-making faces risk of deterioration

01/18/2017 04:22 - Stove makers this year are experiencing hard times, especially those from stove-making villages.

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New co-working space for startups

12/31/2016 09:08 - A brand new co-working facility was officially opened yesterday in Hanoi, promising to be an attractive new meeting spot for young entrepreneurs.

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Start-ups in Vietnam and the failing culture

12/13/2016 14:09 - Vietnam is attempting to build a healthy startup ecosystem, where the culture of failure has been built and welcomed in the country, enabling young entrepreneurs to flourish at an early start-up stage.

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Vietnamese e-booking start-up attracts investment

07/17/2016 09:03 - To compete with big names like Agoda and , Vietnamese startups has recently taken their steps attracting investors to develop Vietnamese brand names.


Silicon Valley inspires Vietnamese startups

07/14/2016 19:21 - One-on-one training with foreign experts is an effective method for entrepreneurs to learn during their start-up phase.

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International meeting connects start-ups to investors

05/30/2016 15:19 - This past weekend, the very first International Start-up Meeting 2016 was held in Vietnam by AIESEC Alumni International and Hatch Vietnam.

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Legal framework for start-up fund raising needs improvement

04/20/2016 08:02 - While start-up funding for new business ventures via crowd-sourcing is something of a norm in other countries, Vietnam is lagging behind the popular concept due to an inadequate legal framework.

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Vietnamese startups shift focus to online marketing

03/14/2016 15:21 - In the modern age, people can buy and sell things through the Internet without meeting each other.

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10 million USD invested to Vietnam start-ups community

03/11/2016 10:20 - 500 Startups, a leading capital seed fund from the US, has announced that they intend to launch a $10 million micro fund, investing solely in Vietnamese start-ups.


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