Amended press law passed

by VTV407 April 2016 Last updated at 09:53 AM - The National Assembly passed the amended Press Law on Tuesday.

The press law gives more details about the rights and responsibilities of individuals and active groups in this field, and is expected to create an important legal framework for the development of the media in Vietnam.

The new law includes 61 articles, including 32 new articles and 29 revised clauses. The legislation is the result of 21 draft amendments. The amended press law passed specific provisions on freedom of the press, freedom of speech in the press. The law also puts further emphasis on defending journalists in the line of their work.

Ha Minh Hue, Former Vice President of Vietnam Journalist Association said: "The current press law was first enacted in 1989 and amended after 10 years. It no longer meets the development needs of the Vietnamese press. The new amendments help to add more detail to the law’s articles".

Do Manh Hung, Deputy Chairman of Committee for Social Affairs said: "Provisions in the 2013 Constitution was made clearer and given more detail through this law. One of the highlights is freedom of speech; the freedom of press for citizens is clarified and confirmed in the law".

Nguyen Bac Son, Minister of Ministry of Information and Communications said: "Freedom of press, and freedom of expression in the press, is the highlight, though, not entirely new, but is consistent implementation of human rights, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, and freedom of access to information".

The approval wait for a journalism card will be cut from 3 years working time to 2 years. Prohibited acts such as obstructing journalists and reporters in the line of their work are also outlined. These are just some of the new points in the legislation. The law will take effect from 1st of January 2017.


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