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Hanoi: Online enrollment for 1st-grade students reached nearly 88%

07/05/2023 20:09

VTV.vn - After the implementation of the online enrollment process for 1st-grade of public schools for the 2023-2024 school year in Hanoi, nearly 88% of the enrollment target has been registered by parents for their children.


Hanoi supports online enrolment registration

07/13/2021 13:44

VTV.vn - Hanoi education began enrolling 1st grade pupils for the 2021-2022 school year in the online form at 0:00 on July 12, said the Hanoi Department of Education and Training.

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Domestic travel agents compete with international online travel agents

08/02/2019 08:34

VTV.vn - E-commerce development is a push of the increase in online travel agents (OTA). However, 80% of the OTA market in Vietnam is operated by international companies, including Agoda, Traveloka, or Booking.

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Building a legal framework to protect personal information online

04/19/2019 13:42

VTV.vn - In the Law on Network Information Security and the new Law on Cyber Security there is an overlap in authorities in charge to resolve cases.

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UK to introduce world first online safety laws

04/09/2019 13:38

VTV.vn - The UK Government on Monday unveiled tough new measures to ensure the UK is the safest place in the world to be online.

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Online recruitment on the rise

10/15/2017 08:00

VTV.vn - Information such as who they are, what they are doing or their location, all of which can be found on your social media profile, can now become an important source of information for employers.

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New online platform connects scientists and businesses

10/02/2017 13:24

VTV.vn - Technological innovation helps increase production and efficiency, however, not all of these are utilised effectively.

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Foreigners visitors registered online

02/18/2017 09:27

VTV.vn - Starting from February 15th, foreign visitors can be registered via an online form instead of via immigration agencies.

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78% of SMEs in Vietnam advertise online

01/25/2017 16:08

VTV.vn - Facebook has recently released data from the survey on the Future of Business.

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