VTVcab announces broadcast license for European football leagues

by Hung Nguyen02 September 2015 Last updated at 04:00 AM

Photo: VTVNews
Photo: VTVNews

VTV.vn - Vietnam Cable Television (VTVcab) held a press conference to announce broadcast licenses for UEFA Champion League, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Super Cup in 3 consecutive seasons including 2015-2016, 2016-2017 and 2017-2018.

According to licenses provisions, VTVcab got the right to broadcast 73 matches per season of UEFA Champion League, including 68 live matches of play-off draw, group stage, group of 16 and Quaterfinal. Among them, VTVcab exclusively broadcast 44 live matches and the entire Semi-finals and Final games.

UEFA Champion League is an prestige football league all around the world, where stars from top clubs in Europe are gathered. In Vietnam, VTVcab is now the unique party officially owns the license to broadcast this reputable football league. Each week, football supporters in Vietnam will never miss any battle of at least 4-8 of strongest clubs all over European region.

Moreover, menu on VTVcab for football lovers is even more extensive because the audience can fully enjoy the UEFA Europa League and UEFA Super Cup in 3 consecutive seasons from 2015 to 2018. In particular, withthe UEFA Europa League, VTVcab owns the rightto broadcast 62 matches per season, including 24 games exclusively live. Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh, Deputy General Director VTVcab, said that the purchase the licenses to broadcast tournaments was significant attempt for the audience, for the customers on the occasion of 20th anniversary of the establishment of Vietnam Cable Television (20/9 / 1995 - 09/20/2015).

Along with UEFA Champion League on VTVcab channels consists of Bong da TV, Bong da TV HD, The thao TV, The thao TV HD, extraordinary commentary programs and day-by-day updated specialized news programs are also on air.

The distinction in producing these TV shows is the application of Libero technology in analysis the highlights in during matches time. The involvement and contribution of qualified experts and leading commentors will create an irresistible attraction on our channels.

Besides, the package of broadcast licenses belonging to VTVcab also contains 32 magazines, 16 intergrated programs for the UEFA Champion League in addition to 12 magazines and 15 intergrated programs for the UEFA Europa League in each season, which tells us entertaining highlights in and off the pitch.

Notably, highlights of the entire matches take place at night will be collected/synthesized and broadcast in the next immediate morning to make sure the audience will not miss any remarkable happenings from the UEFA Champion League.


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