Vietnam to promote e-learning model

by PV23 December 2015 Last updated at 10:17 AM

VTV.vn - In recent years, e-learning has become increasingly popular in Vietnam. E-learning is also being developed to better support students through new technologies.

However, in order to enhance the effectiveness of this model in the national education system, several issues still needed to be addressed.

This robot is being developed for the future application in this centre’s e-learning classes. The teachers, therefore, no longer need to be present in class. They can communicate with the students through the robot’s screen.

And these are 3D glasses that allow students to participate in virtual classes without leaving their homes. E-learning centres are being constantly upgraded in terms of their technology to attract more students and provide a better learning environment.

Bui Van Ga, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Education & Training said: Education isn’t limited to just a classroom, a school or a nation any more, it can happen anywhere in the world. This e-learning model can create equal opportunities for all college students to get access to modern education.

However, modern technology is just one aspect of e-learning. The more important factor is the quality of the curricula and teachers. E-learning was previously only popular with people who wanted to do long-distance learning. But as time has gone by, the needs of students have become more diverse. In addition to degrees students want to learn skills such as English or search for practical knowledge.

Nguyen Thanh Trung, Vice-director, TOPICA EdTech Group said: Students in general need to have a new perception about education. We learn to compete and integrate with the world, not just to get a degree. As for the service providers, if they fail to provide high quality services, they’ll lose everything.

At a recent seminar on global learning techniques, many experts agreed that the Ministry of Education and Training should issue new regulations on e-learning quality management as soon as possible to utilise the strengths of this model for the national education system, especially in terms of vocational training.

Bui Van Ga, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Education & Training said: The Ministry of Education and Training is also adjusting its current policies to better manage the quality of e-learning. We’ll make sure that the e-learning degrees are treated equally with university degrees.

In recent years, many e-learning service providers in Vietnam have begun to co-operate with foreign universities and lecturers. The establishment of the ASEAN Community is certain to bring in not only new opportunities but also challenges when e-learning service providers in South East Asia will be allowed to offer their services. Therefore, the creation of a legal framework is needed to better manage and develop the e-learning in Vietnam.

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