Vietnam ranks 87th in gender equality

by NDO20 October 2020 Last updated at 17:59 PM

VTV.vn - Viet Nam was ranked 87th out of the 153 countries surveyed for gender gap narrowing.

This information is given at the launching ceremony of the campaign "Career has no gender" in Hanoi, on October 19.

This is the first comprehensive and systematic campaign on gender equality in the workplace and the economic rights development of women in Vietnam, organised by the Vietnam Business Coalition for Women's Empowerment (VBCWE).

Le Thanh Hang - Executive Director of the VBCWE said that in Vietnam, the proportion of women with university degrees is the same as men, and up to 70% of women participate in the workforce. The proportion of Vietnamese women occupying senior management positions was recorded at 27%, higher than the world average.

However, it is true that female workers are concentrated in occupations with lower income and positions. "For every VND1,000 earned by men, women are only paid VND879" said Hang.

The World Bank Group's summary report, the World Economic Forum ranked Vietnam's gender equality ranked 87 out of 153 countries surveyed in the world in terms of narrowing the gender gap. The women's income is 3 million VND less per year on average than men. The proportion of female entrepreneurs in Vietnam accounted for 31.3%, while the proportion of men holding senior management positions remained high at 77.6%.

With the gender inequality in the workplace in Vietnam, the "Career has no gender" campaign was born, hoping to drastically change perceptions and perceptions of gender equality among business owners as well as the community to provide a happy working environment.

The campaign will have many diverse activities taking place such as: a series of seminars to promote gender equality in businesses, a series of Webinar discussions on workplace equality, and a series of talk shows shared by experts in the trade fields such as information technology, textiles, banking, finance, and real estate.

Activities aim to promote women's economic empowerment, consult policies on building corporate culture, equal values in business, and create a sustainable development environment.

At the launching ceremony, there was a signing of cooperation agreement between VBCWE and Business Forum Magazine, Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association and Hanoi Association for Women Entrepreneurs on the commitment to accompanying activities of the campaign to promote equal values and help businesses develop sustainably.

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