Vietnam, Japan increase art exchange

by Dao Tung08 October 2015 Last updated at 13:51 PM

VTV.vn - In recent years, along with growing diplomatic ties between Vietnam and Japan, the “land of the Rising sun” has become a source of inspiration for Vietnamese artists. Similarly, Vietnam has become a artistic focus for the Japanese.

This is the second time that Taihei Kimura, a Japanese installation artist, has visited Vietnam. After the a trip to Quang Ninh province, he launched an exhibition entitled “Theo dấu núi” or “A mountainous impression”. The highlight of this event is a work made from 70 kilograms of coal he bought while in Quang Ninh Province.

Taihei Kimura, Japanese installation artist said: Japan is not rich in natural resources. Through my trip to Quang Ninh Province, I learned about many kinds of soil, stones, and natural resources. It was such a valuable experience. I will visit Vietnam in the near future for sure.

During the exhibition, Kimura shared with his audience about his time researching researching Vietnamese culture and his discoveries.

Nghiem Quang Thai Duong, Audience member said: In order to hold this exhibition, the artist had to research and go on a trip. This proves that art has no borders, both in terms of geography and culture.

To Vietnamese artist Vu Kim Thu, “washi,” the Japanese traditional paper, has become a medium for recent works. Thư found this material after she joined 3 art camps in Japan.

"Washi paper is very interesting. When held to the light, it reveals different colors. It’s wonderful to work with this kind of paper." , Vu Kim Thu, Artist said

Le Giang, Gallery owner, Blossom Art House said: Ever since learning of Japanese washi paper, her development can be seen through her washi illustrations and patterns. This shows her work ethic and creativity.

As relations between Vietnam and Japan deepen over time, artists from both countries are able to more easily access each other’s cultures. This not only helps to develop contemporary art in each country, but also foster understanding between people of the two nations./.


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