US volunteers help Vietnamese children

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VTV.vn - A group of American volunteers are making their summer days meaningful by helping children in poor and rural areas in Vietnam. Their volunteer activities not only help local students, but are also an opportunity for them to gain a better un

It is summer, but this school in Phu Yen province is not quiet. In the classrooms, there is no distance between the Vietnamese students and US volunteers. Although English was a subject at school, this is the first time the children at elementary school No. 1 in Hoa My Tay district have had the chance to speak English with a foreigner.

"Thanks to the volunteers, I learnt new words today", said Le Uyen Quyen - a student in Elementary school No. 1, Hoa My Tay district, Phu Yen province.

"I could talk English with the volunteers", said Bui Ngoc Hoai - a student in Elementary school No. 1, Hoa My Tay district, Phu Yen province.

The volunteer group consists of 17 people, who came to Vietnam with the desire to learn about Vietnamese culture and help children in poor areas. The oldest volunteer is 29 years old, the youngest is only 14 years old.  Most of them are students.

14 year old Taza has never done the work of a bricklayer before. But here, she got to try this job. 5 days ago, the front yard of No 1 Hoa My Tay Elementary school was empty. On hot days, it got dusty, and on rainy days, it got muddy, but now, it has been turned into a concrete yard. This is a gift that Taza and other volunteers have given these students.

"I think it’s great. I’ve learnt a lot coming here. The children here are lovely, and we’d like to do something to help them", said Taza - a volunteer from America.

"The volunteers join in the school and cultural activities, and help the students feel more confident communicating with foreigners", said Nguyen Anh Thu - Principal of Elementary school No. 1, Hoa My Tay district, Phu Yen province.

Throughout three provinces in Vietnam, these young volunteers from America have done lots of different jobs at schools in disadvantaged areas. These volunteers love sharing and receiving meaningful things from the trip.

"If there’s an opportunity, I would like to return to Vietnam to volunteer again", said Anya - a volunteer from America.

No.1 Hoa My Tay elementary school is the last stop for the volunteer group. Though they only spend one week at each school, they’re always filled with emotion when they leave.

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