Cheo traditional opera engages youth

by VTV431 July 2016 Last updated at 17:03 PM

photo: VOV
photo: VOV

VTV.vn - Cheo is a northern Vietnamese traditional form of folk opera and its beautiful melodies have captivated people for generations.

With the idea to promote the popularity of this musical art among Vietnamese youngsters, a project named Cheo 48 hours was born 2 years ago and has received a great response from young people.

This is a performance by a student from Cheo 48h, performing Xã trưởng mẹ Đốp. It’s surprising that Thanh Hà has had only a few months to learn and practice such a signature cheo character. The costumes, make-up and gestures have made her a real artist.

Nguyen Thi Thanh Ha, Student, Hanoi University said: "Whenever I take part in student exchange programme, I see how foreign students are interested in Vietnam’s traditional arts. So I wanted to introduce the best of our traditional arts to them. That’s why Cheo 48h is very useful and I decided to register".

Actress Thuy Ngan has a 25-year career in performing Cheo and has trained hundreds of students to become professional artists. This class has brought her special feelings since these amateur students have shown increasingly rare passion for Cheo among their age group.

Merit Artist Thuy Ngan of Hanoi Academy of Theatre and Cinema said: "I was so touched when Cheo 48h chose Cheo- such a traditional art to introduce to young people. They are passionate and smart, just like my students at the Hanoi Academy of Theatre and Cinema". 

Many would be surprised to learn that the founders of Cheo 48h are all in their early 20s. At the first stage of the project, one of the co-founders, Thao, had no idea their efforts would prove to be so successful.

Dinh Thi Thao, Co-founder of Cheo 48h said: "When we started Cheo 48h, most of the students came to us out of curiosity. However, the gala night performed by the students of the first course changed their mind and more students came to us in subsequent years".

Tran Thu Thao, Student of Cheo 48h said: "Occidental music genres like pop, have been introduced in Vietnam and captivated many young people. Yet, at the same time, artforms that have been part of our cultural heritage for years become forgotten. Cheo 48h reminds young people like me about the value of our traditional arts".

In the future, the founders of Cheo 48h hope the project can be a bridge that connects young people who share the same interest in traditional arts. They also look forward to introducing more traditional art forms like Ca tru or Quan ho so more youths can learn and appreciate the value in our rich culture.


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