Promoting responsible forest management

by VTV412 July 2015 Last updated at 13:22 PM

VTV.vn - For a country where forest areas cover nearly 50 per cent, harnessing the market demand while protecting the forests is a priority.

Some people feel the best way to prevent deforestation is to stop using forest products. In reality, people have to use forest products every day. For a country where forest areas cover nearly 50 per cent, harnessing the market demand while protecting the forests is a priority. Let’s take a look at a model that promotes responsible forest management in Quang Tri Province to find out more.

Quang Tri JSC has been working in the wood processing industry for 2 years now. The factory produces about 1500 wood pellets and 3000 square meters of lumbers following European standards. The company attributes its success to close links with forest farmers.

Tran Dinh Hieu, Quang Tri JSC said: "The Farmer- business model is beneficial to the forest growers and the enterprises as well. To the business, the model can help secure a stable source of wood. To the farmers, their wood has an output and prices are kept stable".

The company also participates in a responsible forest management program operated by local authorities. Forest owners that have environmentally sound, socially beneficial and economically prosperous management will be awarded the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification. Over 1000 hectares of forests in the locality have already been granted the certificate.

Hoang Duc Doanh, Head, Quang Tri Forest Protection Department said: "We are focusing on promoting the FSC certification model. The model will also help to improve the quality of forests as we use good quality seeds. This can help enhance business efficiency".

The trees are only exploited after certain period of time to ensure sustainable forest management. A hectare of wood from this area can be sold for up to 10,000 USD, which is much higher than before when the trees were cut prematurely. This has helped improve the lives of many forest growers.

Nguyen The, Head, Phu Hung Co-operative, Hai Lang Dist., Quang Tri said: "We think that the model has many benefits for the farmers. Their output source is secure and they know how to manage the forest responsibly".

Quang Tri is one of the first localities in Vietnam to run the FSC model. Forest area accounts for nearly 45 per cent of Vietnam, according to the World Bank. Promoting a model that meets the current needs for forestry products without having to compromise the environment is a must for businesses and policy makers in Vietnam..

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