The Vietnamese team lost the ABU Semifinal Robocon 2019

by Hồng Quân26 August 2019 Last updated at 10:00 AM

VTV.vn - After convincing wins over strong competitors to advance to the ABU Robocon Semifinals 2019, the Vietnamese team was eliminated in the penultimate match with much regret of fans.

Despite facing difficulties in the group stage, however, the Vietnamese team managed to qualify for the quarterfinals of the Asia-Pacific Robot Contest (ABU Robocon 2019) along with the teams from Hong Kong, Indonesia and China, Thailand, Japan and two representatives of the host country of Mongolia.

At the third quarterfinal match, the Vietnamese team met the one from Thailand. This could be considered a balanced match. Although the Vietnamese team had the advantage of speed of MR1, however, the Thai team's robot also followed closely.

However, MR1 of the Vietnamese team was fortunate to finish throwing a golden face Shagai right in the first round. As a result, MR2 took the opportunity to climb to the top of the mountain, giving the Vietnamese team an absolute Uukhai victory at 40 seconds, thus winning a ticket to the Semi-final of ABU Robocon 2019.

In the Semi-finals, the Vietnamese team met the old opponent from the group stage which was the Mongolian 1 team. It was a match as dramatic as the quarterfinals. Although the Vietnamese team took the lead but due to problems with MR2, it lost the advantage.

A rare situation happened at ABU Robocon 2019 as MR2 of both teams climbed to the mountain peak almost at the same time. The match ended when MR2 of both teams raised Gerege cards.

The result of the match now depends on the evaluation of the ABU Jury Robocon 2019. And the jury decided the Mongolian team 1 won and went on to the ABU Robocon Final 2019. Thus, the Vietnamese team had to stop at the semifinals with the Third Prize of ABU Robocon 2019 together with the team from China.

However, with impressive robot design and structure, the Vietnamese team has been awarded the most prestigious award of the competition, the ABU ROBOCON AWARD.


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