Robocon Arena in full swing just before the elimination rounds

by Hồng Quân19 April 2023 Last updated at 09:00 AM

VTV.vn - After an interruption, Robocon Vietnam is back with the enthusiasm of the teams.

After a long wait, the Robocon audience is about to witness the fierce competition of talented teams. On April 20, the matches of the Northern Qualification Round of the Vietnam Robotics Competition - Robocon Vietnam will be held. But before that, the teams had a chance to officially meet on the morning of April 18 to participate in the draw.

From 7:30 a.m., the teams were present at the Tay Ho Culture, Information and Sports Center. It is not hard to see the excitement and nervousness on the young faces on the competition field. They are all waiting for the draw to identify the opponent on the field and at the same time, they are looking forward to the upcoming test, in which practice, tactical calculation and game play will play the big role.

Le Tung Lam, professor of electrical engineering, representative of Hanoi College of Electromechanics (HCEM), said, "This year, HCEM sent 4 teams to the competition and has been preparing since the end of 2022. Robocon has always been a competitive playground. HCEM's goal this year is to reach the final round of the Vietnam Robocon competition."

After joining generations of students to participate in the Robocon playground for 20 years, Mr. Nguyen Trong Quynh, leader of the Red Star University delegation participating in Robocon, shared, "In 2023, Red Star University participates with 5 teams. Red Star University accounts for more than 50% of the team finalists. After the final round in Vietnam, if reaching ABU Robocon, we will continue to set new goals."

After a 3-year hiatus from the competition, not only Red Star University but also other schools faced difficulties because the students who had participated in Robocon had graduated, leaving no successors, so they had to rebuild the team from scratch. Students need time to familiarize themselves with the technology and other team members to build robots. However, with the support of the organizing committee and the school, and the students' passion, the school has now completed the preparation for the teams.

This year, participating teams can choose from many different competition solutions. The knowledge and experience of previous and inherited teams will be very important in building robots.

Nguyen Viet Phu - Deputy Director of the Department of Science and Technology - Department of Science and Education, Vietnam Television - Executive Team of Vietnam Robocon 2023 said that the number of teams competing this year, even after a period of segment interruption, is still very high at 55.


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