Mother goddess workshipping in Tuyen Quang city

by P.V31 March 2017 Last updated at 07:19 AM

VTV.vn - April 2nd will see the handover of UNESCO recognition certificate for Vietnam's Mother Goddesses worshiping ritual in Nam Dinh Prov.

The Worship of the Mother Goddesses is a popular belief in the folk culture of the Vietnamese, especially in the northern region of the country. The belief has played an important role in the local people's spiritual life with several festivals held across the locality, helping promote the belief among the community and to foreign visitors.

Tuyen Quang lies on the banks of the Lô River. It is known as the land of Mother Goddess worshipping as 12 of its 14 temples are dedicated to the belief. Mother Goddess worshipping has played an important role in the local people's spiritual lives for a very long time as it's closely connected to their habitat and conception.

Tuyen Quang is known as the place of worshipping Mau Thoai (Mother Goddess, caretaker of water) as it is surrounded by rivers. Water is the source of all life on earth, according to Vietnamese belief. So the belief meets the spiritual demand of the people. That is the hope for good weather, abundant crops, health, happiness and prosperity.

The worship of the water Mother Goddess is the oldest belief in Vietnam. The worship in Tuyen Quang is the most outstanding one throughout the country and the "Rước Mẫu" (Mother Goddess Procession) Festival is also the biggest festival of the year in the city. It's held from the 10th to the 16th of the second lunar month.

During the festival this year, both locals and visitors had an opportunity to have a deeper understanding about history, costumes and the practice of Mother Goddess belief through a workshop. Their eyes were treated to a runway of colourful costumes as well as a show featuring the practice.

Mother Goddess worshipping is a combination of different arts. It incorporates music which is Chau Van, a very beautiful genre with dancing, performing art and the art of using language. Costumes are also an outstanding feature of Mother Goddess worshipping. When it is practiced, all those types of arts reach their highest point, especially during the spirit possession ritual. No other kinds of arts can be compared with it. 

The worship of the Mother Goddesses, especially the one in charge of water, contains moral and humane values. It reminds locals of their origin. It's a priceless and intangible treasure that possesses great spiritual values for the residents in this city.

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