Gala Life is Still Beautiful 2021 - Going to the Sun: A Journey to Overcome Adversity

by Hồng Quân02 December 2021 Last updated at 06:00 AM

VTV.vn - This year's Gala will bring inspiring stories about the journey to overcome adversity and move toward a better future for oneself and the community.

Gala Life is Still Beautiful 2021 is a program produced annually by the Department of International Programs of VTV on the occasion of the New Year. This year, with the title Going to the Sun, the program has selected stories about the journey to overcome adversity and achieve a better future not only for oneself but also for one's loved ones.

Speaking about this topic, a production team representative said, "The stories of the Gala over the years have one thing in common, that they are inspiring stories that help us live better every day.

If last year we focused on the story of the people who helped the orphans, the unfortunate, the sick; then this year's story is the story of all the people who overcame the difficulties. From there, they not only build a bright future for themselves, but also spread positive values to the entire community."

This year's Gala will tell the story of the people who helped the unfortunate orphans during the pandemic, the story of a Ukrainian woman for 20 years caring for her Vietnamese husband, the story of Mr. Pham Dinh Quy who builds hundreds of schools for children in the highlands.

Unlike previous years, this year's production of the show had to be carried out during a stressful time of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is also the reason why the production team has to face even more difficulties.

"It's become much harder to film characters both at home and abroad. We always have to be prepared, proactive to adapt to the evolution of the epidemic situation. Even when the recording date drew near, the script still has to be continuously changed," a show's production team representative added.

Gala Life is Still Beautiful 2021: Going to the Sun will air on New Year's Eve on January 1, 2022.


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