Exciting auxiliary programs on SEA Games 32 on VTVcab

by Hồng Quân28 April 2023 Last updated at 12:00 PM

VTV.vn - Since the first days of April, VTVcab started producing a brand-new talk show called SEA Games Typical Lineup.

This is a special date for soccer fans, especially for those who love the SEA Games. By watching the program, we will meet with the famous stars of the time, players, former players, experts of each SEA Games to hear them share their memories of a time playing.

Commentator Dang Phuong Nam said that the memorable moments of Vietnamese soccer at the SEA Games stadium will be "lived" again with the "typical SEA Games lineup".

The stories in the show will take the audience back to the memories of the SEA Games through each stage, with the bright colors of the glory of triumph and the gray color of defeat.

"When we mentioned the idea of the production, the show received the attention and excitement of all the guests because it was also a moment for them to live in the memories of the SEA Games times. We tried to present the characters, stories and images in the most authentic way to bring the most familiar emotions to the audience. We hope that the characters in the program and their stories will bring back fond memories of the SEA Games for everyone. These memories will also be an inspiration for the athletes participating in this 32nd SEA Games to feel motivated for a more successful competition season," added commentator Dang Phuong Nam.

Being part of the SEA Games Team of the Year as a producer and leader gives commentator Quoc Hung the deepest impression of his career.

"After being called up to train with the youth team, even though I was not on the official team for the SEA Games, every Games brings me a lot of emotions. By participating in the production of this series, these memories came back to me, and I believe that every viewer of all ages will relive their own feelings in the good memories of Vietnamese football."

Former captain Nguyen Manh Cuong, former midfielder Trieu Quang Ha, midfielder Do Hung Dung, striker Nham Manh Dung have been named in the SEA Games line-up of the year and we look forward to seeing more memorable faces every Monday and Wednesday at 8:15 pm on ON Football channel.

Exciting auxiliary programs

In order to help viewers update, synthesize information and watch reports on the atmosphere of the SEA Games 32, VTVcab is also carefully preparing the production of supporting programs that closely follow the development of the regional sports festival.

In mid-March, VTVcab's delegation went on a business trip to inspect stadiums and venues in Cambodia to prepare production plans. With rich experience in many international sports tournaments, VTVcab reporters are ready to work at the competition venues to cover SEA Games 32, Vietnamese sports delegation and beautiful Vietnamese sports moments in the series of auxiliary programs of SEA Games 32.

The TV news specializing in SEA Games 32 in Cambodia provides a quick look at the development of the day's SEA Games events, updates the latest news on Vietnamese teams, and calendar of upcoming competitions. The program also brings interesting stories about people and events related to SEA Games 32, especially social media news about the lives of the stars ...

Matches and featured events will also be analyzed in depth through statistics, AR and Libero technology.

In addition, there will be live talk shows about stories in the SEA Games 32, reflecting the competitive atmosphere in Cambodia. The participation of renowned sports experts will provide a perspective on each discipline. There will also be additional information on team activities at the 32nd SEA Games.

SEA Games Soccer Commentary: The program before, during and after each match of the Vietnamese soccer teams (men and women) at the SEA Games 32. Guests are experts, coaches, former players who will share information related to the match, professional analysis of numbers and tactics to give viewers a deep insight into the match.


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